Package catch22

CAnonical Time-series CHaracteristics

catch22 is a collection of 22 time-series features coded in C that can be run
from Python, R, Matlab, and Julia. The catch22 features are a high-performing
subset of the over 7000 features in hctsa.

Features were selected based on their classification performance across a
collection of 93 real-world time-series classification problems, as described
in our open-access paper:

- Lubba et al. (2019). catch22: CAnonical Time-series CHaracteristics

The computational pipeline used to generate the catch22 feature set is in the
op_importance ( repository.

For catch22-related information and resources, including a list of publications
using catch22, see the catch22 wiki (

This package contains the command-line tool run_features.

Version: 0.4.0

General Commands

run_features run_features – Compute CAnonical Time-series CHaracteristics features