Package cargo

Rust's package manager and build tool

Cargo is a tool that allows Rust projects to declare their various dependencies
and ensure that you'll always get a repeatable build.

General Commands
Command Description
cargo The Rust package manager
cargo-bench Execute benchmarks of a package
cargo-build Compile the current package
cargo-check Check the current package
cargo-clean Remove generated artifacts
cargo-doc Build a package's documentation
cargo-fetch Fetch dependencies of a package from the network
cargo-generate-lockfile Generate the lockfile for a package
cargo-init Create a new cargo package in the current directory
cargo-install Install a Rust binary
cargo-login Save an API token from the registry locally
cargo-metadata Machine-readable metadata about the current package
cargo-new Create a new cargo package
cargo-owner Manage the owners of a crate of the registry
cargo-package Create a distributable tarball
cargo-pkgid Print a fully qualified package specification
cargo-publish Upload a package to the registry.
cargo-run Run the current package
cargo-rustc Compile a package and all of its dependencies
cargo-rustdoc Build a package's documentation, using specified custom flags.
cargo-search Search packages in
cargo-test Execute unit and integration tests of a package
cargo-uninstall Remove a Rust binary
cargo-update Update the package dependencies
cargo-version Show version information
cargo-yank Remove a pushed crate from the index