Package Canna

A Japanese character set input system.

Canna provides a user interface for inputting Japanese characters.
Canna supports Nemacs (Mule), kinput2, and canuum. All of these tools
can then use a single customization file, Romaji-to-Kana conversion
rules and dictionaries, and input Japanese in the same way. Canna
automatically supports Kana-to-Kanji conversions; the conversions are
based on a client-server model.

General Commands
Command Description
addwords Adding words to specified dictionary collectively
cannacheck Display information about Japanese input system Canna
cannakill Terminate operation of the Kana-Kanji conversion server cannaserver
cannaserver Kana-Kanji conversion server
cannastat Display information about the Kana-Kanji conversion server
catdic Download a dictionary
chmoddic change access rights for a directory
cpdic User Dictionary Copy Tool
ctow Convert Canna text-form dictionary into Wnn text-form dictionary
delwords Deleting words from specified dictionary collectively
dicar Archive Binary Dictionary
dpbindic Convert a binary-form dictionary into a text-form dictionary
lsdic Display the user dictionary list
mkbindic Convert a text-form dictionary into a binary-form dictionary
mkdic Tool for creating a user dictionary
mkromdic To compile romaji-kana conversion table
mvdic Tool for renaming a user dictionary
rmdic Tool for deleting a user dictionary
splitword Collect several text-form dictionary files into a single file to make a <1 line...
wtoc Convert a Wnn text-form dictionary (or dictionaries) into Canna text-form...