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Package caddy

Web server with automatic HTTPS


Caddy is an extensible server platform that uses TLS by default.

Version: 2.8.4

System Administration

caddy-adapt Adapts a configuration to Caddy's native JSON
caddy-build-info Prints information about this build
caddy-completion Generate completion script
caddy-environ Prints the environment
caddy-file-server Spins up a production-ready file server
caddy-file-server-export-template Exports the default file browser template
caddy-fmt Formats a Caddyfile
caddy-hash-password Hashes a password and writes base64
caddy-list-modules Lists the installed Caddy modules
caddy-manpage Generates the manual pages for Caddy commands
caddy-reload Changes the config of the running Caddy instance
caddy-respond Simple, hard-coded HTTP responses for development and testing
caddy-reverse-proxy A quick and production-ready reverse proxy
caddy-run Starts the Caddy process and blocks indefinitely
caddy-start Starts the Caddy process in the background and then returns
caddy-stop Gracefully stops a started Caddy process
caddy-storage Commands for working with Caddy's storage (EXPERIMENTAL)
caddy-storage-export Exports storage assets as a tarball
caddy-storage-import Imports storage assets from a tarball.
caddy-trust Installs a CA certificate into local trust stores
caddy-untrust Untrusts a locally-trusted CA certificate
caddy-validate Tests whether a configuration file is valid
caddy-version Prints the version