Package c-ares-devel

Development files for c-ares

This package contains the header files and libraries needed to
compile applications or shared objects that use c-ares.

Library Functions
Library Function Description
ares_cancel Cancel a resolve
ares_create_query Compose a single-question DNS query buffer
ares_destroy Destroy a resolver channel
ares_destroy_options Destroy options initialized with ares_save_options
ares_dup Duplicate a resolver channel
ares_expand_name Expand a DNS-encoded domain name
ares_expand_string Expand a length encoded string
ares_fds return file descriptors to select on
ares_free_data Free data allocated by several c-ares functions
ares_free_hostent Free host structure allocated by ares functions
ares_free_string Free strings allocated by ares functions
ares_freeaddrinfo Free addrinfo structure allocated by ares functions
ares_get_servers Retrieve name servers from an initialized ares_channel
ares_get_servers_ports alias for ares_get_servers
ares_getaddrinfo Initiate a host query by name and service
ares_gethostbyaddr Initiate a host query by address
ares_gethostbyname Initiate a host query by name
ares_gethostbyname_file Lookup a name in the system's hosts file
ares_getnameinfo Address-to-nodename translation in protocol-independent manner
ares_getsock get socket descriptors to wait on
ares_inet_ntop convert a network format address to presentation format
ares_inet_pton convert an IPv4 or IPv6 address from text to binary form
ares_init Initialize a resolver channel
ares_init_options Initialize a resolver channel
ares_library_cleanup c-ares library deinitialization
ares_library_init c-ares library initialization
ares_library_init_android c-ares library Android initialization
ares_library_initialized get the initialization state
ares_mkquery Compose a single-question DNS query buffer
ares_parse_a_reply Parse a reply to a DNS query of type A
ares_parse_aaaa_reply Parse a reply to a DNS query of type AAAA
ares_parse_mx_reply Parse a reply to a DNS query of type MX
ares_parse_naptr_reply Parse a reply to a DNS query of type NAPTR
ares_parse_ns_reply Parse a reply to a DNS query of type NS into a hostent
ares_parse_ptr_reply Parse a reply to a DNS query of type PTR into a hostent
ares_parse_soa_reply Parse a reply to a DNS query of type SOA
ares_parse_srv_reply Parse a reply to a DNS query of type SRV
ares_parse_txt_reply Parse a reply to a DNS query of type TXT
ares_process Process events for name resolution
ares_query Initiate a single-question DNS query
ares_save_options Save configuration values obtained from initialized ares_channel
ares_search Initiate a DNS query with domain search
ares_send Initiate a DNS query
ares_set_local_dev Bind to a specific network device when creating sockets.
ares_set_local_ip4 Set local IPv4 address outgoing requests.
ares_set_local_ip6 Set local IPv6 address outgoing requests.
ares_set_servers Initialize an ares_channel name servers configuration
ares_set_servers_csv Set list of DNS servers to be used.
ares_set_servers_ports alias for ares_set_servers
ares_set_servers_ports_csv alias for ares_set_servers_csv
ares_set_socket_callback Set a socket creation callback
ares_set_socket_configure_callback Set a socket configuration callback
ares_set_socket_functions Set socket io callbacks
ares_set_sortlist Initialize an ares_channel sortlist configuration
ares_strerror Get the description of an ares library error code
ares_timeout return maximum time to wait
ares_version Get the version number of the library