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Package bzip3

Tools for compressing and decompressing bzip3 files


These are tools for compressing, decompressing, printing, and searching bzip3
files. bzip3 features higher compression ratios and better performance than
bzip2 thanks to an order-0 context mixing entropy coder, a fast
Burrows-Wheeler transform code making use of suffix arrays and a run-length
encoding with Lempel-Ziv prediction pass based on LZ77-style string matching
and PPM-style context modeling.

Version: 1.4.0

General Commands

bz3cat alias for bzip3
bz3grep print lines matching a pattern in bzip3-compressed files
bz3less view bzip3-compressed files
bz3more view bzip3-compressed files
bz3most view bzip3-compressed files
bzip3 an efficient statistical file compressor and spiritual successor to bzip2