Package “byobu” has 28 man pages.

byobu is a script that launches a text based window manager (either screen(1) or tmux(1)) in the byobu configuration. This enables the display of system...
byobu-config is an application that can configure a number of options available in the byobu utility. The menu provided by the byobu should be self-explanatory.
byobu-ctrl-a is an interactive program that allows a user to configure the behavior of the 'ctrl-a' key sequence. Traditional GNU screen(1) uses ctrl-a as its...
byobu-enable will run byobu-launcher-install(1) to configure byobu(1) to launch automatically on login byobu-disable will simply run...
The byobu-export utility is now deprecated. To install byobu on a system for which byobu is not packaged, or where you are not the root user, simply: * Download...
byobu-janitor is script for cleaning environment after upgrades, it consists from several tasks where aim is to ensure that environment is ready for new version...
byobu-keybindings toggles on and off Byobu's keybindings in the current tmux(1) or screen(1) session. It will only operate against the current session. This...
byobu-launcher is a simple application that will launch screen(1) in a byobu(1) configuration, reconnecting to an existing detached session (if available).
byobu-launcher-install(1) is a simple utilty that will add a line to your $HOME/.profile file which launches byobu(1) any time you login through ssh(1) or on a...
byobu-launcher-uninstall(1) is a simple utilty that removes the line added to your $HOME/.profile by byobu-launcher-install(1) which launches byobu(1) any time...
byobu-layout will save and restore byobu-tmux(1) split window layouts. If 'name' is blank, it operates interactively. Note that this only works with Byobu when...
Byobu provides a special PS1 prompt command, compatible with Bash shells. It will display the previous command's exit code, if it's not zero. It will use 3...
byobu-quiet will disable ALL of Byobu's status indicators and eliminate the hardstatus line. Some administrators, in some environments, at some times may prefer...
byobu-reconnect-sockets is a sourcable bit of shell code that will update the GPG_AGENT_INFO and DBUS_SESSION_BUS_ADDRESS environment variables in the current...
byobu-screen launches byobu(1) with screen(1) as the backend window manager.
byobu-select-backend is an application that lists the available Byobu backends and allows you to select your default. You can select one of either screen(1) or...
byobu-select-profile is an application that lists the available Byobu colors and allows you to select the foreground and background color.
byobu-select-session is an application that lists the available screen sessions running on the system, and prompts the user to select one. The user also has the...
byobu-shell is a simple script that prints the message of the day (/etc/motd) and launches a shell. $SHELL will be invoked if it exists. Otherwise, /bin/sh will...
byobu-silent will disable ALL of Byobu's status indicators, eliminate the hardstatus line, and the window list. Some administrators, in some environments, at...
byobu-status is a program periodically called by the BYOBU_BACKEND to gather the formatted status strings displayed in to lower status bar(s).
byobu-status-detail is a simple script that uses a sensible pager for displaying the detailed status of all byobu status scripts.
byobu-tmux launches byobu(1) with tmux(1) as the backend window manager.
byobu-ugraph is a helper script that can be used to create history graphs
byobu-ulevel is a helper script that can be used to create history graphs with UTF8 characters
col1 is a simple script that conveniently splits and prints a given column, where the column to print is the name of the script program you're running...
ctail is a very simple alias that watches a file and colorizes it. It's very useful for monitoring logfiles.
wifi-status is a program that monitors a wireless interface. This is often useful when trying to associate with an access point.