Package buildah

A command line tool used for creating OCI Images

The buildah package provides a command line tool which can be used to
* create a working container from scratch
* create a working container from an image as a starting point
* mount/umount a working container's root file system for manipulation
* save container's root file system layer to create a new image
* delete a working container or an image
General Commands
Command Description
buildah A command line tool that facilitates building OCI container images.
buildah-add Add the contents of a file, URL, or a directory to a container.
buildah-bud Build an image using instructions from Dockerfiles.
buildah-commit Create an image from a working container.
buildah-config Update image configuration settings.
buildah-containers List the working containers and their base images.
buildah-copy Copies the contents of a file, URL, or directory into a container's working...
buildah-from Creates a new working container, either from scratch or using a specified image...
buildah-images List images in local storage.
buildah-info Display Buildah system information.
buildah-inspect Display information about working containers or images.
buildah-mount Mount a working container's root filesystem.
buildah-pull Creates a new working container using a specified image as a starting point.
buildah-push Push an image from local storage to elsewhere.
buildah-rename Rename a local container.
buildah-rm Removes one or more working containers.
buildah-rmi Removes one or more images.
buildah-run Run a command inside of the container.
buildah-tag Add additional names to local images.
buildah-umount Unmount the root file system on the specified working containers.
buildah-unshare Run a command inside of a modified user namespace.
buildah-version Display the Buildah Version Information.