Package btrfs-progs

Userspace programs for btrfs

The btrfs-progs package provides all the userspace programs needed to create,
check, modify and correct any inconsistencies in the btrfs filesystem.

File Formats
File Description
btrfs topics about the BTRFS filesystem (mount options, supported file attributes and...
System Administration
Command Description
btrfs a toolbox to manage btrfs filesystems
btrfs-balance balance block groups on a btrfs filesystem
btrfs-check check or repair a btrfs filesystem
btrfs-convert convert from ext2/3/4 or reiserfs filesystem to btrfs in-place
btrfs-device manage devices of btrfs filesystems
btrfs-filesystem command group that primarily does work on the whole filesystems
btrfs-find-root filter to find btrfs root
btrfs-image create/restore an image of the filesystem
btrfs-inspect-internal query various internal information
btrfs-map-logical map btrfs logical extent to physical extent
btrfs-property get/set/list properties for given filesystem object
btrfs-qgroup control the quota group of a btrfs filesystem
btrfs-quota control the global quota status of a btrfs filesystem
btrfs-receive receive subvolumes from send stream
btrfs-replace replace devices managed by btrfs with other device.
btrfs-rescue Recover a damaged btrfs filesystem
btrfs-restore try to restore files from a damaged btrfs filesystem image
btrfs-scrub scrub btrfs filesystem, verify block checksums
btrfs-select-super overwrite primary superblock with a backup copy
btrfs-send generate a stream of changes between two subvolume snapshots
btrfs-subvolume manage btrfs subvolumes
btrfstune tune various filesystem parameters
fsck.btrfs do nothing, successfully
mkfs.btrfs create a btrfs filesystem