Package brlapi-devel

Headers, static archive, and documentation for BrlAPI

This package provides the header files, static archive, shared object
linker reference, and reference documentation for BrlAPI (the
Application Programming Interface to BRLTTY). It enables the
implementation of applications which take direct advantage of a
refreshable braille display in order to present information in ways
which are more appropriate for blind users and/or to provide user
interfaces which are more specifically attuned to their needs.

Install this package if you are developing or maintaining an application
which directly accesses a refreshable braille display.

See also: brlapi.

Library Functions
Library Function Description
brlapi__acceptAllKeys alias for brlapi_keys
brlapi__acceptKeyRanges alias for brlapi_keys
brlapi__acceptKeys alias for brlapi_keys
brlapi__closeConnection alias for brlapi_connection
brlapi__defaultExceptionHandler alias for brlapi_error
brlapi__enterRawMode alias for brlapi_driverspecific
brlapi__enterTtyMode alias for brlapi_tty
brlapi__enterTtyModeWithPath alias for brlapi_tty
brlapi__exceptionHandler_t alias for brlapi_error
brlapi__getClientData alias for brlapi_clientData
brlapi__getDisplaySize alias for brlapi_info
brlapi__getDriverName alias for brlapi_info
brlapi__getModelIdentifier alias for brlapi_info
brlapi__ignoreAllKeys alias for brlapi_keys
brlapi__ignoreKeyRanges alias for brlapi_keys
brlapi__ignoreKeys alias for brlapi_keys
brlapi__leaveRawMode alias for brlapi_driverspecific
brlapi__leaveTtyMode alias for brlapi_tty
brlapi__openConnection alias for brlapi_connection
brlapi__readKey alias for brlapi_keys
brlapi__readKeyWithTimeout alias for brlapi_keys
brlapi__recvRaw alias for brlapi_driverspecific
brlapi__resumeDriver alias for brlapi_driverspecific
brlapi__sendRaw alias for brlapi_driverspecific
brlapi__setClientData alias for brlapi_clientData
brlapi__setExceptionHandler alias for brlapi_error
brlapi__setFocus alias for brlapi_tty
brlapi__strexception alias for brlapi_error
brlapi__suspendDriver alias for brlapi_driverspecific
brlapi__write alias for brlapi_write
brlapi__writeDots alias for brlapi_write
brlapi__writeText alias for brlapi_write
brlapi__writeWText alias for brlapi_write
brlapi_acceptAllKeys alias for brlapi_keys
brlapi_acceptKeyRanges alias for brlapi_keys
brlapi_acceptKeys alias for brlapi_keys
brlapi_authClientPacket_t brlapi_authClientPacket_t
brlapi_authServerPacket_t brlapi_authServerPacket_t
brlapi_clientData brlapi_clientData
brlapi_closeConnection alias for brlapi_connection
brlapi_connection brlapi_connection
brlapi_connectionSettings_t Settings structure for BrlAPI connection.
brlapi_constants.h brlapi_constants.h
brlapi_defaultExceptionHandler alias for brlapi_error
brlapi_deprecated brlapi_deprecated
brlapi_describeKeyCode alias for brlapi_keys
brlapi_describedKeyCode_t brlapi_describedKeyCode_t
brlapi_driverspecific Raw and Suspend Modes mechanism.
brlapi_enterRawMode alias for brlapi_driverspecific
brlapi_enterTtyMode alias for brlapi_tty
brlapi_enterTtyModeWithPath alias for brlapi_tty
brlapi_errfun alias for brlapi_error
brlapi_errlist alias for brlapi_error
brlapi_errno alias for brlapi_error
brlapi_error How to handle errors.
brlapi_errorPacket_t brlapi_errorPacket_t
brlapi_error_location alias for brlapi_error
brlapi_error_t brlapi_error_t
brlapi_exceptionHandler_t alias for brlapi_error
brlapi_expandKeyCode alias for brlapi_keys
brlapi_expandedKeyCode_t brlapi_expandedKeyCode_t
brlapi_fd_mutex alias for brlapi_protocol
brlapi_fileDescriptor alias for brlapi_connection
brlapi_gaierrno alias for brlapi_error
brlapi_getClientData alias for brlapi_clientData
brlapi_getDisplaySize alias for brlapi_info
brlapi_getDriverName alias for brlapi_info
brlapi_getDriverSpecificModePacket_t brlapi_getDriverSpecificModePacket_t
brlapi_getHandleSize alias for brlapi_handles
brlapi_getLibraryVersion alias for brlapi_version
brlapi_getModelIdentifier alias for brlapi_info
brlapi_getPacketTypeName alias for brlapi_error
brlapi_getRaw alias for brlapi_deprecated
brlapi_getTty alias for brlapi_deprecated
brlapi_getTtyPath alias for brlapi_deprecated
brlapi_handle_t alias for brlapi_handles
brlapi_handles brlapi_handles
brlapi_header_t brlapi_header_t
brlapi_ignoreAllKeys alias for brlapi_keys
brlapi_ignoreKeyRanges alias for brlapi_keys
brlapi_ignoreKeys alias for brlapi_keys
brlapi_info How to get information about the connected Terminal.
brlapi_initializeConnection alias for brlapi_deprecated
brlapi_keyCode_t alias for brlapi_keycodes
brlapi_keycodes brlapi_keycodes
brlapi_keycodes.h brlapi_keycodes.h
brlapi_keys How to read key presses from the braille terminal.
brlapi_leaveRaw alias for brlapi_deprecated
brlapi_leaveRawMode alias for brlapi_driverspecific
brlapi_leaveTty alias for brlapi_deprecated
brlapi_leaveTtyMode alias for brlapi_tty
brlapi_libcerrno alias for brlapi_error
brlapi_nerr alias for brlapi_error
brlapi_openConnection alias for brlapi_connection
brlapi_packetType_t alias for brlapi_error
brlapi_packet_t brlapi_packet_t
brlapi_perror alias for brlapi_error
brlapi_protocol Instructions and constants for BrlAPI 's protocol.
brlapi_protocol.h types and constants for BrlAPI's protocol
brlapi_rangeType_all alias for brlapi_keys
brlapi_rangeType_code alias for brlapi_keys
brlapi_rangeType_command alias for brlapi_keys
brlapi_rangeType_key alias for brlapi_keys
brlapi_rangeType_t alias for brlapi_keys
brlapi_rangeType_type alias for brlapi_keys
brlapi_range_t brlapi_range_t
brlapi_readKey alias for brlapi_keys
brlapi_readKeyWithTimeout alias for brlapi_keys
brlapi_readPacket alias for brlapi_protocol
brlapi_readPacketContent alias for brlapi_protocol
brlapi_readPacketHeader alias for brlapi_protocol
brlapi_recvRaw alias for brlapi_driverspecific
brlapi_resume alias for brlapi_deprecated
brlapi_resumeDriver alias for brlapi_driverspecific
brlapi_sendRaw alias for brlapi_driverspecific
brlapi_setClientData alias for brlapi_clientData
brlapi_setExceptionHandler alias for brlapi_error
brlapi_setFocus alias for brlapi_tty
brlapi_settings_t alias for brlapi_deprecated
brlapi_strerror alias for brlapi_error
brlapi_strexception alias for brlapi_error
brlapi_suspend alias for brlapi_deprecated
brlapi_suspendDriver alias for brlapi_driverspecific
brlapi_tty How to take control of ttys for direct braille display / read.
brlapi_unignoreKeyRange alias for brlapi_deprecated
brlapi_unignoreKeySet alias for brlapi_deprecated
brlapi_version brlapi_version
brlapi_versionPacket_t brlapi_versionPacket_t
brlapi_write Write text to the braille display.
brlapi_writeArgumentsPacket_t brlapi_writeArgumentsPacket_t
brlapi_writeArguments_t brlapi_writeArguments_t
brlapi_writeDots alias for brlapi_write
brlapi_writePacket alias for brlapi_protocol
brlapi_writeStruct brlapi_writeStruct
brlapi_writeText alias for brlapi_write
brlapi_writeWText alias for brlapi_write