Package bpkg

build2 package dependency manager

The build2 package dependency manager is used to manipulate build
configurations, packages, and repositories.

Version: 0.15.0

General Commands

bpkg package dependency manager
bpkg-argument-grouping argument grouping facility
bpkg-cfg-create create configuration
bpkg-cfg-info print configuration information
bpkg-cfg-link link configuration
bpkg-cfg-unlink unlink configuration
bpkg-common-options details on common options
bpkg-default-options-files specifying default options
bpkg-help show help for a command or help topic
bpkg-pkg-build build package
bpkg-pkg-checkout check out package version
bpkg-pkg-clean clean package
bpkg-pkg-configure configure package
bpkg-pkg-disfigure disfigure package
bpkg-pkg-drop drop package
bpkg-pkg-fetch fetch package archive
bpkg-pkg-install install package
bpkg-pkg-purge purge package
bpkg-pkg-status print package status
bpkg-pkg-test test package
bpkg-pkg-uninstall uninstall package
bpkg-pkg-unpack unpack package archive
bpkg-pkg-update update package
bpkg-pkg-verify verify package archive
bpkg-rep-add add repository to configuration
bpkg-rep-create create repository
bpkg-rep-fetch fetch list of available packages
bpkg-rep-info print repository information
bpkg-rep-list list repositories in configuration
bpkg-rep-remove remove repository from configuration
bpkg-repository-signing how to sign repository
bpkg-repository-types repository types, structure, and URLs