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Package bootc

Bootable container system


Version: 0.1.13

File Formats

bootc-fetch-apply-updates.service bootc-fetch-apply-updates.service
bootc-install-config bootc-install-config.toml

System Administration

bootc Deploy and transactionally in-place with bootable container images
bootc-container Operations which can be executed as part of a container build
bootc-container-lint Perform relatively inexpensive static analysis checks as part of a container build
bootc-edit Apply full changes to the host specification
bootc-install Install the running container to a target
bootc-install-print-configuration Output JSON to stdout that contains the merged installation configuration as it may be relevant to calling processes using `install to-filesystem` that in…
bootc-install-to-disk Install to the target block device
bootc-install-to-existing-root Install to the host root filesystem
bootc-install-to-filesystem Install to an externally created filesystem structure
bootc-rollback Change the bootloader entry ordering; the deployment under `rollback` will be queued for the next boot, and the current will become rollback. If there is a…
bootc-status Display status
bootc-switch Target a new container image reference to boot
bootc-upgrade Download and queue an updated container image to apply
bootc-usr-overlay Adds a transient writable overlayfs on `/usr` that will be discarded on reboot