Package bonnie++

Filesystem and disk benchmark & burn-in suite

bonnie++ filesystem and disk benchmark suite aggressively reads & writes
in various ways on your filesystem then outputs useful benchmark performance
data. bonnie++ is also useful as a hardware, disk, and filesystem stability
test, exposing some types of hardware or kernel failures that would otherwise
be difficult to detect.

Do not leave bonnie++ installed on a production system. Use only while you
test servers.

General Commands
Command Description
bon_csv2html bon_csv2html program to convert CSV format Bonnie++ data to a HTML form using...
bon_csv2txt alias for bon_csv2html
generate_randfile a program to generate a file of random data
System Administration
Command Description
bonnie++ program to test hard drive performance.
getc_putc program to test hard drive performance.
zcav program to test raw hard drive throughput.