Package boinc-tui

Fullscreen Text Mode Manager For BOINC Client

 boinc-tui is a fullscreen text mode control tool for BOINC client
 It can manage local and remote clients (via boinc RPC), and allows
 you to switch between  clients with a hot key.
 boinctui uses curses library and provides the following features:
  * Fullscreen curses based text user interface
  * Switch between several BOINC clients hosts via hot key
  * View task list (run, queue, suspend e.t.c state)
  * View message list
  * Suspend/Resume/Abort tasks
  * Update/Suspend/Resume/Reset/No New Task/Allow New Task for projects
  * Toggle activity state GPU and CPU tasks
  * Run benchmarks
  * Manage BOINC client on remote hosts via boinc_gui protocol

Version: 2.5.0

General Commands

boinctui Fullscreen text mode manager for BOINC client