Package bluez-deprecated

Deprecated Bluetooth applications

Bluetooth applications that have bee deprecated by upstream. They have been
replaced by funcationality in the core bluetoothctl and will eventually
be dropped by upstream. Utilities include:
	- ciptool
	- gatttool
	- hciattach
	- hciconfig
	- hcidump
	- hcitool
	- rfcomm
	- sdptool

Version: 5.66

See also: bluez, bluez-hcidump, bluez-hid2hci, bluez-libs-devel, bluez-mesh, bluez-tools.

General Commands

ciptool Bluetooth Common ISDN Access Profile (CIP)
hciattach attach serial devices via UART HCI to BlueZ stack
hciconfig Configure Bluetooth devices
hcidump Parse HCI data
hcitool Configure Bluetooth connections
rfcomm RFCOMM configuration utility
sdptool control and interrogate SDP servers