Package bluez

Bluetooth utilities

Utilities for use in Bluetooth applications:
	- hcitool
	- hciattach
	- hciconfig
	- bluetoothd
	- l2ping
	- rfcomm
	- sdptool
	- bccmd
	- bluetoothctl
	- btmon
	- hcidump
	- l2test
	- rctest
	- gatttool
	- start scripts (Red Hat)
	- pcmcia configuration files
	- avinfo

The BLUETOOTH trademarks are owned by Bluetooth SIG, Inc., U.S.A.

See also: bluez-hcidump, bluez-hid2hci, bluez-tools.

General Commands
Command Description
bccmd Utility for the CSR BCCMD interface
btattach attach serial devices to BlueZ stack
ciptool Bluetooth Common ISDN Access Profile (CIP)
hciattach attach serial devices via UART HCI to BlueZ stack
hciconfig configure Bluetooth devices
hcidump Parse HCI data
hcitool configure Bluetooth connections
l2ping Send L2CAP echo request and receive answer
rctest RFCOMM testing
rfcomm RFCOMM configuration utility
sdptool control and interrogate SDP servers
System Administration
Command Description
bluetoothd Bluetooth daemon