Package bluez

Bluetooth utilities

Utilities for use in Bluetooth applications:
	- avinfo
	- bluemoon
	- bluetoothctl
	- bluetoothd
	- btattach
	- btmon
	- hex2hcd
	- l2ping
	- l2test
	- mpris-proxy
	- rctest

The BLUETOOTH trademarks are owned by Bluetooth SIG, Inc., U.S.A.

Version: 5.70

See also: bluez-deprecated, bluez-hcidump, bluez-hid2hci, bluez-libs-devel, bluez-mesh, bluez-tools.

General Commands

bluetoothctl-mgmt Management Submenu
bluetoothctl-monitor Monitor Submenu
btattach Attach serial devices to BlueZ stack
btmgmt interactive bluetooth management tool
btmon Bluetooth monitor
l2ping Send L2CAP echo request and receive answer
rctest RFCOMM testing

System Administration

bluetoothd Bluetooth daemon