Package blas

The Basic Linear Algebra Subprograms library

BLAS (Basic Linear Algebra Subprograms) is a standard library which
provides a number of basic algorithms for numerical algebra.

Version: 3.11.0

Library Functions

caxpy alias for complex_blas_level1
caxpy.f caxpy.f
ccopy alias for complex_blas_level1
ccopy.f ccopy.f
cdotc alias for complex_blas_level1
cdotc.f cdotc.f
cdotu alias for complex_blas_level1
cdotu.f cdotu.f
cgbmv alias for complex_blas_level2
cgbmv.f cgbmv.f
cgemm alias for complex_blas_level3
cgemm.f cgemm.f
cgemv alias for complex_blas_level2
cgemv.f cgemv.f
cgerc alias for complex_blas_level2
cgerc.f cgerc.f
cgeru alias for complex_blas_level2
cgeru.f cgeru.f
chbmv alias for complex_blas_level2
chbmv.f chbmv.f
chemm alias for complex_blas_level3
chemm.f chemm.f
chemv alias for complex_blas_level2
chemv.f chemv.f
cher alias for complex_blas_level2
cher.f cher.f
cher2 alias for complex_blas_level2
cher2.f cher2.f
cher2k alias for complex_blas_level3
cher2k.f cher2k.f
cherk alias for complex_blas_level3
cherk.f cherk.f
chpmv alias for complex_blas_level2
chpmv.f chpmv.f
chpr alias for complex_blas_level2
chpr.f chpr.f
chpr2 alias for complex_blas_level2
chpr2.f chpr2.f
cscal alias for complex_blas_level1
cscal.f cscal.f
csrot alias for complex_blas_level1
csrot.f csrot.f
csscal alias for complex_blas_level1
csscal.f csscal.f
cswap alias for complex_blas_level1
cswap.f cswap.f
csymm alias for complex_blas_level3
csymm.f csymm.f
csyr2k alias for complex_blas_level3
csyr2k.f csyr2k.f
csyrk alias for complex_blas_level3
csyrk.f csyrk.f
ctbmv alias for complex_blas_level2
ctbmv.f ctbmv.f
ctbsv alias for complex_blas_level2
ctbsv.f ctbsv.f
ctpmv alias for complex_blas_level2
ctpmv.f ctpmv.f
ctpsv alias for complex_blas_level2
ctpsv.f ctpsv.f
ctrmm alias for complex_blas_level3
ctrmm.f ctrmm.f
ctrmv alias for complex_blas_level2
ctrmv.f ctrmv.f
ctrsm alias for complex_blas_level3
ctrsm.f ctrsm.f
ctrsv alias for complex_blas_level2
ctrsv.f ctrsv.f
dasum alias for double_blas_level1
dasum.f dasum.f
daxpy alias for double_blas_level1
daxpy.f daxpy.f
dcabs1 alias for double_blas_level1
dcabs1.f dcabs1.f
dcopy alias for double_blas_level1
dcopy.f dcopy.f
ddot alias for double_blas_level1
ddot.f ddot.f
dgbmv alias for double_blas_level2
dgbmv.f dgbmv.f
dgemm alias for double_blas_level3
dgemm.f dgemm.f
dgemv alias for double_blas_level2
dgemv.f dgemv.f
dger alias for double_blas_level2
dger.f dger.f
drot alias for double_blas_level1
drot.f drot.f
drotm alias for double_blas_level1
drotm.f drotm.f
drotmg alias for double_blas_level1
drotmg.f drotmg.f
dsbmv alias for double_blas_level2
dsbmv.f dsbmv.f
dscal alias for double_blas_level1
dscal.f dscal.f
dsdot alias for double_blas_level1
dsdot.f dsdot.f
dspmv alias for double_blas_level2
dspmv.f dspmv.f
dspr alias for double_blas_level2
dspr.f dspr.f
dspr2 alias for double_blas_level2
dspr2.f dspr2.f
dswap alias for double_blas_level1
dswap.f dswap.f
dsymm alias for double_blas_level3
dsymm.f dsymm.f
dsymv alias for double_blas_level2
dsymv.f dsymv.f
dsyr alias for double_blas_level2
dsyr.f dsyr.f
dsyr2 alias for double_blas_level2
dsyr2.f dsyr2.f
dsyr2k alias for double_blas_level3
dsyr2k.f dsyr2k.f
dsyrk alias for double_blas_level3
dsyrk.f dsyrk.f
dtbmv alias for double_blas_level2
dtbmv.f dtbmv.f
dtbsv alias for double_blas_level2
dtbsv.f dtbsv.f
dtpmv alias for double_blas_level2
dtpmv.f dtpmv.f
dtpsv alias for double_blas_level2
dtpsv.f dtpsv.f
dtrmm alias for double_blas_level3
dtrmm.f dtrmm.f
dtrmv alias for double_blas_level2
dtrmv.f dtrmv.f
dtrsm alias for double_blas_level3
dtrsm.f dtrsm.f
dtrsv alias for double_blas_level1
dtrsv.f dtrsv.f
dzasum alias for double_blas_level1
dzasum.f dzasum.f
icamax alias for aux_blas
icamax.f icamax.f
idamax alias for aux_blas
idamax.f idamax.f
isamax alias for aux_blas
isamax.f isamax.f
izamax alias for aux_blas
izamax.f izamax.f
lsame alias for aux_blas
sasum alias for single_blas_level1
sasum.f sasum.f
saxpy alias for single_blas_level1
saxpy.f saxpy.f
scabs1 alias for single_blas_level1
scabs1.f scabs1.f
scasum alias for single_blas_level1
scasum.f scasum.f
scopy alias for single_blas_level1
scopy.f scopy.f
sdot alias for single_blas_level1
sdot.f sdot.f
sdsdot alias for single_blas_level1
sdsdot.f sdsdot.f
sgbmv alias for single_blas_level2
sgbmv.f sgbmv.f
sgemm alias for single_blas_level3
sgemm.f sgemm.f
sgemv alias for single_blas_level2
sgemv.f sgemv.f
sger alias for single_blas_level2
sger.f sger.f
srot alias for single_blas_level1
srot.f srot.f
srotm alias for single_blas_level1
srotm.f srotm.f
srotmg alias for single_blas_level1
srotmg.f srotmg.f
ssbmv alias for single_blas_level2
ssbmv.f ssbmv.f
sscal alias for single_blas_level1
sscal.f sscal.f
sspmv alias for single_blas_level2
sspmv.f sspmv.f
sspr alias for single_blas_level2
sspr.f sspr.f
sspr2 alias for single_blas_level2
sspr2.f sspr2.f
sswap alias for single_blas_level1
sswap.f sswap.f
ssymm alias for single_blas_level3
ssymm.f ssymm.f
ssymv alias for single_blas_level2
ssymv.f ssymv.f
ssyr alias for single_blas_level2
ssyr.f ssyr.f
ssyr2 alias for single_blas_level2
ssyr2.f ssyr2.f
ssyr2k alias for single_blas_level3
ssyr2k.f ssyr2k.f
ssyrk alias for single_blas_level3
ssyrk.f ssyrk.f
stbmv alias for single_blas_level2
stbmv.f stbmv.f
stbsv alias for single_blas_level2
stbsv.f stbsv.f
stpmv alias for single_blas_level2
stpmv.f stpmv.f
stpsv alias for single_blas_level2
stpsv.f stpsv.f
strmm alias for single_blas_level3
strmm.f strmm.f
strmv alias for single_blas_level2
strmv.f strmv.f
strsm alias for single_blas_level3
strsm.f strsm.f
strsv alias for single_blas_level2
strsv.f strsv.f
xerbla alias for OTHERauxiliary
xerbla_array alias for OTHERauxiliary
zaxpy alias for complex16_blas_level1
zaxpy.f zaxpy.f
zcopy alias for complex16_blas_level1
zcopy.f zcopy.f
zdotc alias for complex16_blas_level1
zdotc.f zdotc.f
zdotu alias for complex16_blas_level1
zdotu.f zdotu.f
zdrot alias for complex16_blas_level1
zdrot.f zdrot.f
zdscal alias for complex16_blas_level1
zdscal.f zdscal.f
zgbmv alias for complex16_blas_level2
zgbmv.f zgbmv.f
zgemm alias for complex16_blas_level3
zgemm.f zgemm.f
zgemv alias for complex16_blas_level2
zgemv.f zgemv.f
zgerc alias for complex16_blas_level2
zgerc.f zgerc.f
zgeru alias for complex16_blas_level2
zgeru.f zgeru.f
zhbmv alias for complex16_blas_level2
zhbmv.f zhbmv.f
zhemm alias for complex16_blas_level3
zhemm.f zhemm.f
zhemv alias for complex16_blas_level2
zhemv.f zhemv.f
zher alias for complex16_blas_level2
zher.f zher.f
zher2 alias for complex16_blas_level2
zher2.f zher2.f
zher2k alias for complex16_blas_level3
zher2k.f zher2k.f
zherk alias for complex16_blas_level3
zherk.f zherk.f
zhpmv alias for complex16_blas_level2
zhpmv.f zhpmv.f
zhpr alias for complex16_blas_level2
zhpr.f zhpr.f
zhpr2 alias for complex16_blas_level2
zhpr2.f zhpr2.f
zscal alias for complex16_blas_level1
zscal.f zscal.f
zswap alias for complex16_blas_level1
zswap.f zswap.f
zsymm alias for complex16_blas_level3
zsymm.f zsymm.f
zsyr2k alias for complex16_blas_level3
zsyr2k.f zsyr2k.f
zsyrk alias for complex16_blas_level3
zsyrk.f zsyrk.f
ztbmv alias for complex16_blas_level2
ztbmv.f ztbmv.f
ztbsv alias for complex16_blas_level2
ztbsv.f ztbsv.f
ztpmv alias for complex16_blas_level2
ztpmv.f ztpmv.f
ztpsv alias for complex16_blas_level2
ztpsv.f ztpsv.f
ztrmm alias for complex16_blas_level3
ztrmm.f ztrmm.f
ztrmv alias for complex16_blas_level2
ztrmv.f ztrmv.f
ztrsm alias for complex16_blas_level3
ztrsm.f ztrsm.f
ztrsv alias for complex16_blas_level2
ztrsv.f ztrsv.f