Package bind-pkcs11-utils

Bind tools with native PKCS#11 for using DNSSEC

This is a set of PKCS#11 utilities that when used together create rsa
keys in a PKCS11 keystore. Also utilities for working with DNSSEC
compiled with native PKCS#11 functionality are included.

See also: bind, bind-devel, bind-dnssec-utils, bind-sdb, bind-utils.

System Administration
Command Description
dnssec-checkds-pkcs11 alias for dnssec-checkds
dnssec-dsfromkey-pkcs11 alias for dnssec-dsfromkey
dnssec-importkey-pkcs11 alias for dnssec-importkey
dnssec-keyfromlabel-pkcs11 alias for dnssec-keyfromlabel
dnssec-keygen-pkcs11 alias for dnssec-keygen
dnssec-revoke-pkcs11 alias for dnssec-revoke
dnssec-settime-pkcs11 alias for dnssec-settime
dnssec-signzone-pkcs11 alias for dnssec-signzone
dnssec-verify-pkcs11 alias for dnssec-verify
pkcs11-destroy destroy PKCS#11 objects
pkcs11-keygen generate keys on a PKCS#11 device
pkcs11-list list PKCS#11 objects
pkcs11-tokens list PKCS#11 available tokens