Package bind-dnssec-utils

Utilities for DNSSEC keys and DNS zone files management

Bind-dnssec-utils contains a collection of utilities for editing
DNSSEC keys and BIND zone files. These tools provide generation,
revocation and verification of keys and DNSSEC signatures in zone files.

You should install bind-dnssec-utils if you need to sign a DNS zone
or maintain keys for it.

See also: bind, bind-devel, bind-pkcs11-utils, bind-sdb, bind-utils.

System Administration
Command Description
dnssec-checkds DNSSEC delegation consistency checking tool
dnssec-coverage checks future DNSKEY coverage for a zone
dnssec-dsfromkey DNSSEC DS RR generation tool
dnssec-importkey import DNSKEY records from external systems so they can be managed
dnssec-keyfromlabel DNSSEC key generation tool
dnssec-keygen DNSSEC key generation tool
dnssec-keymgr Ensures correct DNSKEY coverage for a zone based on a defined policy
dnssec-revoke set the REVOKED bit on a DNSSEC key
dnssec-settime set the key timing metadata for a DNSSEC key
dnssec-signzone DNSSEC zone signing tool
dnssec-verify DNSSEC zone verification tool