Package beakerlib

A shell-level integration testing library

The BeakerLib project means to provide a library of various helpers, which
could be used when writing operating system level integration tests.

Version: 1.29.3

General Commands

beakerlib a shell-level integration testing library
beakerlib-analyze analyze — Analyzing test results
beakerlib-infrastructure infrastructure — mounting, backup and service helpers
beakerlib-journal journal — journalling functionality
beakerlib-libraries libraries — mechanism for loading shared test code from libraries
beakerlib-logging logging — phase support, logging functions and metrics
beakerlib-performance performance — Performance measuring routines
beakerlib-profiling profiling — helper for profiling beakerlib itself
beakerlib-rpms rpms — Package manipulation helpers
beakerlib-storage storage — Internal storage helpers
beakerlib-synchronisation synchronisation — Process synchronisation routines
beakerlib-testing testing — asserting functions, watchdog and report
beakerlib-virtualX virtualX — Helpers for handling virtual X server
beakerlib-ya — a YAml parser in pure baSH