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Package beaker-client

Command-line client for interacting with Beaker


The bkr client is a command-line tool for interacting with Beaker servers. You
can use it to submit Beaker jobs, fetch results, and perform many other tasks.

Version: 29.1

General Commands

beaker-wizard Tool to ease the creation of a new Beaker task
bkr Beaker client
bkr-distro-trees-list List Beaker distro trees
bkr-distro-trees-verify Check Beaker distro trees for problems
bkr-distros-edit-version Edit the version of Beaker distros
bkr-distros-list List Beaker distros
bkr-distros-tag Tag Beaker distros
bkr-distros-untag Untag Beaker distros
bkr-distros-verify alias for bkr-distro-trees-verify
bkr-group-create Create a group
bkr-group-list List groups
bkr-group-members List members of a group
bkr-group-modify Modify a group
bkr-harness-test Generate Beaker job to test harness installation
bkr-job-cancel Cancel running Beaker jobs
bkr-job-clone Clone existing Beaker jobs
bkr-job-comment Add a comment to a job
bkr-job-delete Delete Beaker jobs
bkr-job-list List Beaker jobs
bkr-job-logs Print URLs of Beaker recipe log files
bkr-job-modify Modify Beaker jobs
bkr-job-results Export Beaker job results as XML
bkr-job-submit Submit job XML to Beaker
bkr-job-watch Watch the progress of a Beaker job
bkr-labcontroller-create Create a new lab controller
bkr-labcontroller-list List Beaker lab controllers
bkr-labcontroller-modify Modify a lab controller
bkr-list-labcontrollers List Beaker lab controllers
bkr-list-systems List Beaker systems
bkr-loan-grant Grant a loan for a Beaker system
bkr-loan-return Return a current Beaker system loan
bkr-machine-test Generate Beaker job to test a system
bkr-policy-grant Grant permissions in an access policy
bkr-policy-list Lists access policy rules for a system
bkr-policy-revoke Revoke permissions in an access policy
bkr-pool-add Add systems to a system pool
bkr-pool-create Create a system pool
bkr-pool-delete Delete a system pool
bkr-pool-list List system pools
bkr-pool-modify Modify a system pool
bkr-pool-remove Remove systems from a pool
bkr-pool-systems List systems in a pool
bkr-remove-account Remove user accounts
bkr-system-create Create a system
bkr-system-delete Delete a Beaker system permanently
bkr-system-details Export RDF/XML description of a Beaker system
bkr-system-history-list Export history of activity for the given system
bkr-system-list List Beaker systems
bkr-system-modify Modify system attributes
bkr-system-power Control power for a Beaker system
bkr-system-provision Provision a Beaker system
bkr-system-release Release a reserved Beaker system
bkr-system-reserve Manually reserve a Beaker system
bkr-system-status Return the current status of a system
bkr-task-add Upload tasks to Beaker's task library
bkr-task-delete Delete tasks to Beaker's task library
bkr-task-details Export details of a Beaker task
bkr-task-list List tasks in Beaker's task library
bkr-update-inventory Submits a inventory job for the system
bkr-update-openstack-trust Update OpenStack Keystone trust
bkr-update-prefs Update user preferences
bkr-user-modify Modify Beaker users
bkr-watchdog-extend Extend Beaker watchdog time
bkr-watchdog-show Show time remaining on Beaker watchdogs
bkr-watchdogs-extend Extend Beaker watchdogs time
bkr-whoami Show your Beaker username
bkr-workflow-installer-test DEPRECATED workflow to generate a kickstart for testing Anaconda
bkr-workflow-simple Simple workflow to generate Beaker jobs
bkr-workflow-xslt XSLT-based Beaker job generator