Package bdep

build2 project dependency manager

The build2 project dependency manager is used to manage the dependencies of a
project during development.

Version: 0.15.0

General Commands

bdep project dependency manager
bdep-argument-grouping argument grouping facility
bdep-ci submit project test request to CI server
bdep-clean clean project in build configurations
bdep-common-options details on common options
bdep-config manage project build configurations
bdep-default-options-files specifying default options
bdep-deinit deinitialize project in build configurations
bdep-fetch fetch list of available project dependencies
bdep-help show help for a command or help topic
bdep-init initialize project in build configurations
bdep-new create and initialize new project
bdep-projects-configs specifying projects and configurations
bdep-publish publish project to archive repository
bdep-release manage project's version during release
bdep-status print status of project and/or its dependencies
bdep-sync synchronize project and build configurations
bdep-test test project in build configurations
bdep-update update project in build configurations