Package bcc-tools

Command line tools for BPF Compiler Collection (BCC)

Version: 0.25.0

System Administration

bcc-argdist Trace a function and display a histogram or frequency count of its parameter values. Uses Linux eBPF/bcc.
bcc-bashreadline Print entered bash commands system wide. Uses Linux eBPF/bcc.
bcc-bindsnoop Trace bind() system calls.
bcc-biolatency Summarize block device I/O latency as a histogram.
bcc-biolatpcts Monitor IO latency distribution of a block device.
bcc-biopattern Identify random/sequential disk access patterns.
bcc-biosnoop Trace block device I/O and print details incl. issuing PID.
bcc-biotop Block device (disk) I/O by process top.
bcc-bitesize Summarize block device I/O size as a histogram — Linux eBPF/bcc.
bcc-bpflist Display processes currently using BPF programs and maps.
bcc-bps List all BPF programs. 'ps' for BPF programs.
bcc-btrfsdist Summarize btrfs operation latency. Uses Linux eBPF/bcc.
bcc-btrfsslower Trace slow btrfs file operations, with per-event details.
bcc-cachestat Statistics for linux page cache hit/miss ratios. Uses Linux eBPF/bcc.
bcc-cachetop Statistics for linux page cache hit/miss ratios per processes. Uses Linux eBPF/bcc.
bcc-capable Trace security capability checks (cap_capable()).
bcc-cobjnew alias for bcc-uobjnew
bcc-compactsnoop Trace compact zone events. Uses Linux eBPF/bcc.
bcc-cpudist On- and off-CPU task time as a histogram.
bcc-cpuunclaimed Sample CPU run queues and calculate unclaimed idle CPU. Uses Linux eBPF/bcc.
bcc-criticalstat A tracer to find and report long atomic critical sections in kernel
bcc-cthreads alias for bcc-uthreads
bcc-dbslower Trace MySQL/PostgreSQL server queries slower than a threshold.
bcc-dbstat Collect histograms of MySQL/PostgreSQL query latencies.
bcc-dcsnoop Trace directory entry cache (dcache) lookups. Uses Linux eBPF/bcc.
bcc-dcstat Directory entry cache (dcache) stats. Uses Linux eBPF/bcc.
bcc-deadlock Find potential deadlocks (lock order inversions) in a running program.
bcc-dirtop File reads and writes by directory. Top for directories.
bcc-drsnoop Trace direct reclaim events. Uses Linux eBPF/bcc.
bcc-execsnoop Trace new processes via exec() syscalls. Uses Linux eBPF/bcc.
bcc-exitsnoop Trace all process termination (exit, fatal signal). Uses Linux eBPF/bcc.
bcc-ext4dist Summarize ext4 operation latency. Uses Linux eBPF/bcc.
bcc-ext4slower Trace slow ext4 file operations, with per-event details.
bcc-filelife Trace the lifespan of short-lived files. Uses Linux eBPF/bcc.
bcc-fileslower Trace slow synchronous file reads and writes.
bcc-filetop File reads and writes by filename and process. Top for files.
bcc-funccount Count function, tracepoint, and USDT probe calls matching a pattern. Uses Linux eBPF/bcc.
bcc-funcinterval Time interval between the same function, tracepoint as a histogram.
bcc-funclatency Time functions and print latency as a histogram.
bcc-funcslower Trace slow kernel or user function calls.
bcc-gethostlatency Show latency for getaddrinfo/gethostbyname[2] calls. Uses Linux eBPF/bcc.
bcc-hardirqs Measure hard IRQ (hard interrupt) event time. Uses Linux eBPF/bcc.
bcc-inject injects appropriate error into function if input call chain and predicates are satisfied. Uses Linux eBPF/bcc.
bcc-javacalls alias for bcc-ucalls
bcc-javaflow alias for bcc-uflow
bcc-javagc alias for bcc-ugc
bcc-javaobjnew alias for bcc-uobjnew
bcc-javastat alias for bcc-ustat
bcc-javathreads alias for bcc-uthreads
bcc-killsnoop Trace signals issued by the kill() syscall. Uses Linux eBPF/bcc.
bcc-klockstat Traces kernel mutex lock events and display locks statistics. Uses Linux eBPF/bcc.
bcc-ksnoop tool for tracing kernel function entry/return showing arguments/return values
bcc-kvmexit Display the exit_reason and its statistics of each vm exit.
bcc-llcstat Summarize CPU cache references and misses by process. Uses Linux eBPF/bcc.
bcc-mdflush Trace md flush events. Uses Linux eBPF/bcc.
bcc-memleak Print a summary of outstanding allocations and their call stacks to detect memory leaks. Uses Linux eBPF/bcc.
bcc-mountsnoop Trace mount() and umount() syscalls. Uses Linux eBPF/bcc.
bcc-mysqld_qslower Trace MySQL server queries slower than a threshold.
bcc-netqtop Summarize PPS, BPS, average size of packets and packet counts ordered by packet sizes on each queue of a network interface.
bcc-nfsdist Summarize NFS operation latency. Uses Linux eBPF/bcc.
bcc-nfsslower Trace slow NFS file operations, with per-event details.
bcc-nodegc alias for bcc-ugc
bcc-nodestat alias for bcc-ustat
bcc-offcputime Summarize off-CPU time by kernel stack trace. Uses Linux eBPF/bcc.
bcc-offwaketime Summarize blocked time by off-CPU stack + waker stack. Uses Linux eBPF/bcc.
bcc-oomkill Trace oom_kill_process(). Uses Linux eBPF/bcc.
bcc-opensnoop Trace open() syscalls. Uses Linux eBPF/bcc.
bcc-perlcalls alias for bcc-ucalls
bcc-perlflow alias for bcc-uflow
bcc-perlstat alias for bcc-ustat
bcc-phpcalls alias for bcc-ucalls
bcc-phpflow alias for bcc-uflow
bcc-phpstat alias for bcc-ustat
bcc-pidpersec Count new processes (via fork()). Uses Linux eBPF/bcc.
bcc-profile Profile CPU usage by sampling stack traces. Uses Linux eBPF/bcc.
bcc-pythoncalls alias for bcc-ucalls
bcc-pythonflow alias for bcc-uflow
bcc-pythongc alias for bcc-ugc
bcc-pythonstat alias for bcc-ustat
bcc-readahead Show performance of read-ahead cache
bcc-reset-trace reset the state of tracing.
bcc-rubycalls alias for bcc-ucalls
bcc-rubyflow alias for bcc-uflow
bcc-rubygc alias for bcc-ugc
bcc-rubyobjnew alias for bcc-uobjnew
bcc-rubystat alias for bcc-ustat
bcc-runqlat Run queue (scheduler) latency as a histogram.
bcc-runqlen Scheduler run queue length as a histogram.
bcc-runqslower Trace long process scheduling delays.
bcc-shmsnoop Trace System V shared memory syscalls. Uses Linux eBPF/bcc.
bcc-slabratetop Kernel SLAB/SLUB memory cache allocation rate top. Uses Linux BPF/bcc.
bcc-sofdsnoop traces FDs passed by sockets
bcc-softirqs Measure soft IRQ (soft interrupt) event time. Uses Linux eBPF/bcc.
bcc-solisten Trace listening socket
bcc-spfdsnoop Trace FDs passed through unix sockets. Uses Linux eBPF/bcc.
bcc-sslsniff Print data passed to OpenSSL, GnuTLS or NSS. Uses Linux eBPF/bcc.
bcc-stackcount Count function calls and their stack traces. Uses Linux eBPF/bcc.
bcc-statsnoop Trace stat() syscalls. Uses Linux eBPF/bcc.
bcc-swapin Count swapins by process. Uses BCC/eBPF.
bcc-syncsnoop Trace sync() syscall. Uses Linux eBPF/bcc.
bcc-syscount Summarize syscall counts and latencies.
bcc-tclcalls alias for bcc-ucalls
bcc-tclflow alias for bcc-uflow
bcc-tclobjnew alias for bcc-uobjnew
bcc-tclstat alias for bcc-ustat
bcc-tcpaccept Trace TCP passive connections (accept()). Uses Linux eBPF/bcc.
bcc-tcpcong Measure tcp congestion state duration. Uses Linux eBPF/bcc.
bcc-tcpconnect Trace TCP active connections (connect()). Uses Linux eBPF/bcc.
bcc-tcpconnlat Trace TCP active connection latency. Uses Linux eBPF/bcc.
bcc-tcpdrop Trace kernel-based TCP packet drops with details. Uses Linux eBPF/bcc.
bcc-tcplife Trace TCP sessions and summarize lifespan. Uses Linux eBPF/bcc.
bcc-tcpretrans Trace or count TCP retransmits and TLPs. Uses Linux eBPF/bcc.
bcc-tcprtt Trace TCP RTT of established connections. Uses Linux eBPF/bcc.
bcc-tcpstates Trace TCP session state changes with durations. Uses Linux eBPF/bcc.
bcc-tcpsubnet Summarize and aggregate IPv4 TCP traffic by subnet.
bcc-tcpsynbl Show the TCP SYN backlog as a histogram. Uses BCC/eBPF.
bcc-tcptop Summarize TCP send/recv throughput by host. Top for TCP.
bcc-tcptracer Trace TCP established connections. Uses Linux eBPF/bcc.
bcc-threadsnoop Trace thread creation via pthread_create(). Uses BCC/eBPF.
bcc-tplist Display kernel tracepoints or USDT probes and their formats.
bcc-trace Trace a function and print its arguments or return value, optionally evaluating a filter. Uses Linux eBPF/bcc.
bcc-ttysnoop Watch output from a tty or pts device. Uses Linux eBPF/bcc.
bcc-ucalls Summarize method calls from high-level languages and Linux syscalls.
bcc-uflow Print a flow graph of method calls in high-level languages.
bcc-ugc Trace garbage collection events in high-level languages.
bcc-uobjnew Summarize object allocations in high-level languages.
bcc-ustat Activity stats from high-level languages.
bcc-uthreads Trace thread creation events in Java or pthreads.
bcc-vfscount Count VFS calls ("vfs_*"). Uses Linux eBPF/bcc.
bcc-vfsstat Statistics for some common VFS calls. Uses Linux eBPF/bcc.
bcc-virtiostat Trace VIRTIO devices input/output statistics. Uses Linux eBPF/bcc.
bcc-wakeuptime Summarize sleep to wakeup time by waker kernel stack. Uses Linux eBPF/bcc.
bcc-xfsdist Summarize XFS operation latency. Uses Linux eBPF/bcc.
bcc-xfsslower Trace slow xfs file operations, with per-event details.
bcc-zfsdist Summarize ZFS operation latency. Uses Linux eBPF/bcc.
bcc-zfsslower Trace slow zfs file operations, with per-event details.