Package barry

BlackBerry Desktop for Linux

Barry is a desktop tool set for managing your BlackBerry device.

This package contains command line tools which will enable you to charge your
device with a proper 500mA and be able to access data on the device. It also
includes a GUI application to backup your BlackBerry.

General Commands
Command Description
balxparse Barry Project's program to parse firmware ALX files.
barrybackup Barry Project's backup program for the BlackBerry handheld
bcharge program to set BlackBerry handhelds to 500mA
bfuse Create a FUSE filesystem out of BlackBerry databases.
bidentify Barry Project's program to identify BlackBerry handhelds
bio Barry Input / Output
bjavaloader Barry Project's program to manage BlackBerry applications
bjdwp Command line USB Blackberry Java Debug Wire Protocol
brawchannel Barry Project's program to create a channel to a BlackBerry application
brecsum Generate SHA1 sums of raw Blackberry database records.
breset Reset Blackberry devices via software.
bs11nread Barry Project's program to read database serialization files.
btarcmp a diff for Barry tar backup files
btardump Command line parser for Barry backup files
btool Barry Project's program to interface with BlackBerry handheld
bwatch program to view live updates of screenshots from a BlackBerry(TM) handheld
pppob Barry Project's program to access the Blackberry modem for pppd
upldif Barry Project's LDIF contact uploader