Package barman-cli

Client Utilities for Barman

Client utilities for the integration of Barman in PostgreSQL clusters.

Version: 3.0.1

See also: barman.

General Commands

barman-cloud-backup Backup a PostgreSQL instance and stores it in the Cloud
barman-cloud-backup-delete Delete backups stored in the Cloud
barman-cloud-backup-keep Flag backups which should be kept forever
barman-cloud-backup-list List backups stored in the Cloud
barman-cloud-check-wal-archive Check a WAL archive destination for a new PostgreSQL cluster
barman-cloud-restore Restore a PostgreSQL backup from the Cloud
barman-cloud-wal-archive Archive PostgreSQL WAL files in the Cloud using archive_command
barman-cloud-wal-restore Restore PostgreSQL WAL files from the Cloud using restore_command
barman-wal-archive archive_command based on Barman's put-wal
barman-wal-restore 'restore_command' based on Barman's get-wal