Package backup-manager

A command line backup tool for GNU/Linux

Backup Manager is a command line backup tool for GNU/Linux, designed to help
you make daily archives of your file system. Written in bash and Perl, it can
make archives in lots of open formats (tar, gzip, bzip2, lzma, dar, zip) and
provides lots of interesting features (such as network exports or CD/DVD

The program is designed to be as easy to use as possible and is popular with
desktop users and sysadmins. The whole backup process is defined in one
full-documented configuration file which needs no more than 5 minutes to tune
for your needs.

System Administration (Section 8)
Backup Manager is an easy-to-use tool for generating archives. It is designed with simplicity in mind for those who don't want an obfuscated tool for making...
backup-manager-purge is the only authorized entity that can say if an archive should be purged or not. Any tasks used by backup-manager may have to know if an...
backup-manager-upload will upload all the archives generated on the given date to the specified host with either ftp or scp. It's also possible to use this...