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Package babeltrace2

A trace manipulation toolkit


The Babeltrace 2 project offers a library with a C API, Python 3 bindings, and
a command-line tool which makes it very easy for mere mortals to view,
convert, transform, and analyze traces.

Babeltrace 2 is also the reference parser implementation of the Common Trace
Format (CTF), a very versatile trace format followed by various tracers and
tools such as LTTng and barectf.

Version: 2.0.6

General Commands

babeltrace2 Convert or process one or more traces, and more
babeltrace2-convert Convert one or more traces to a given format
babeltrace2-help Get help for a Babeltrace 2 plugin or component class
babeltrace2-list-plugins List Babeltrace 2 plugins and their properties
babeltrace2-query Query an object from a Babeltrace 2 component class
babeltrace2-run Create a Babeltrace 2 trace processing graph and run it


babeltrace2-filter.lttng-utils.debug-info Babeltrace 2's debugging information filter component class for LTTng traces
babeltrace2-filter.utils.muxer Babeltrace 2's message muxer filter component class
babeltrace2-filter.utils.trimmer Babeltrace 2's trimmer filter component class
babeltrace2-intro Introduction to Babeltrace 2
babeltrace2-plugin-ctf Babeltrace 2's CTF plugin
babeltrace2-plugin-lttng-utils Babeltrace 2's LTTng utilities plugin
babeltrace2-plugin-text Babeltrace 2's plain text plugin
babeltrace2-plugin-utils Babeltrace 2's common graph utilities plugin
babeltrace2-query-babeltrace.support-info Babeltrace 2's support info query object
babeltrace2-query-babeltrace.trace-infos Babeltrace 2's trace infos query object
babeltrace2-sink.ctf.fs Babeltrace 2's file system CTF sink component class
babeltrace2-sink.text.details Babeltrace 2's detailed plain text sink component class
babeltrace2-sink.text.pretty Babeltrace 2's pretty-printing sink component class
babeltrace2-sink.utils.counter Babeltrace 2's message counter sink component class
babeltrace2-sink.utils.dummy Babeltrace 2's dummy sink component class
babeltrace2-source.ctf.fs Babeltrace 2's file system CTF source component class
babeltrace2-source.ctf.lttng-live Babeltrace 2's LTTng live source component class
babeltrace2-source.text.dmesg Babeltrace 2's Linux kernel ring buffer source component class