Package ax25-tools-docs

Documentation for ax25-tools and ax25-tools-x

ax25-tools is a collection of tools that are used to configure an ax.25 enabled
computer. This package contains the GUI programs to configure Baycom modem
and sound modem. This package contains the documentation for ax25-tools and

Version: 1.0.4

General Commands

axgetput upload or download files via AX.25 / axspawn Linux login session.
bget alias for axgetput
bput alias for axgetput
dmascc_cfg Configure dmascc devices
mheard display AX.25 calls recently heard.

Special Files

ax25 AX.25 amateur packet radio protocol family
netrom NET/ROM amateur packet radio protocol family
rose Rose amateur packet radio protocol family

File Formats

ax25d.conf ax25d configuration file.
axports AX.25 port configuration file.
axspawn.conf Control the operation of axspawn.
nrbroadcast NET/ROM routing broadcast configuration file.
nrports NET/ROM port configuration file.
rip98d.conf control RIP98 routing messages.
rsports Rose port configuration file.
rxecho.conf control rxecho AX.25 packet routing.
ttylinkd.conf ttylinkd configuration file.

System Administration

ax25_call make an AX.25, NET/ROM, ROSE or TCP connection
ax25d General purpose AX.25, NET/ROM and Rose daemon
axctl Configure/Kill running AX.25 connections.
axparms Configure AX.25 interfaces.
axspawn Allow automatic login to a Linux system.
axwrapper Run non-ax.25-aware programs from ax25d
beacon transmit periodic messages on an AX.25 port.
bpqparms Configure BPQ ethernet devices.
kissattach Attach a KISS or 6PACK interface
kissnetd Create a virtual network.
kissparms Configure KISS TNCs.
m6pack Attach multiples 6PACK interfaces
mheardd collect information about packet activity
mkiss Attach a multi KISS interface
net2kiss convert a network AX.25 driver to a KISS stream on a pseudo-tty
netrom_call alias for ax25_call
netromd Send and receive NET/ROM routing messages
nodesave Saves NET/ROM routing information
nrattach Start a NET/ROM interface
nrparms Configure the NET/ROM interface.
nrsdrv KISS to NET/ROM serial converter
rip98d Send and receive RIP98 routing messages
rose_call alias for ax25_call
rsattach Start a Rose interface
rsdwnlnk User exit from the ROSE network.
rsparms Configure the Rose interface.
rsuplnk User entry into the ROSE network.
rxecho Route AX.25 packets between ports transparently.
sethdlc get/set Linux HDLC packet radio modem driver port information
smdiag Linux soundcard packet radio modem driver diagnostics utility
smmixer get/set Linux soundcard packet radio modem driver mixer
spattach alias for kissattach
tcp_call alias for ax25_call
ttylinkd TTYlink daemon for AX.25, NET/ROM, ROSE and IP.