Package ax25-apps

AX.25 ham radio applications

This package provides specific user applications for hamradio that use AX.25
Net/ROM or ROSE network protocols:

 * axcall: a general purpose AX.25, NET/ROM and ROSE connection program.
 * axlisten: a network monitor of all AX.25 traffic heard by the system.
 * ax25ipd: an RFC1226 compliant daemon which provides encapsulation of
   AX.25 traffic over IP.
 * ax25mond: retransmits data received from sockets into an AX.25 monitor
General Commands
Command Description
call make an AX.25, NET/ROM or Rose connection.
listen monitor AX.25 traffic
File Formats
File Description
ax25ipd.conf Control the operation of ax25ipd.
ax25mond.conf Specify the sockets which ax25mond will provide.
ax25rtd.conf ax25 routing daemon configuration file
System Administration
Command Description
ax25ipd AX.25 into IP Encapsulator
ax25mond dump the AX.25 network traffic and and provide sockets where the received data...
ax25rtctl AX.25 routing control program
ax25rtd AX.25 routing daemon