Package ax25-apps

AX.25 ham radio applications

This package provides specific user applications for hamradio that use AX.25
Net/ROM or ROSE network protocols:

 * axcall: a general purpose AX.25, NET/ROM and ROSE connection program.
 * axlisten: a network monitor of all AX.25 traffic heard by the system.
 * ax25ipd: an RFC1226 compliant daemon which provides encapsulation of
   AX.25 traffic over IP.
 * ax25mond: retransmits data received from sockets into an AX.25 monitor
General Commands (Section 1)
Call is the general purpose AX.25, NET/ROM and Rose connection program. As is normal in AX.25 it runs entirely in line mode. All CR/LF translation is done...
Listen uses SOCK_PACKET facilities to provide a network monitor of all AX.25 traffic heard by the system. Since KISS is implicitly promiscuous no special driver...
File Formats (Section 5)
The ax25ipd.conf file controls the operation of the ax25ipd(8) program. The operation of the config file can best be seen in an example: # # ax25ipd...
The ax25mond.conf file specifies the internet- and unix-sockets which ax25mond(8) will provide. Example: # Create an internet socket on port 1234 where all the...
The file /etc/ax25/ax25rtd.conf is the configuration file for ax25rtd. The parameters of the options shown here are the default values except the ones marked...
System Administration (Section 8)
ax25ipd is an RFC1226 compliant daemon capable of providing the encapsualtion neccessary to send and receive AX.25 traffic across an IP transport. Normally...
Ax25mond will first read it's configuration file /etc/ax25/ax25mond.conf. It will then wait for connects on the sockets specified in this file. When connected...
ax25rtctl is a program to control ax25rtd.
ax25rtd is a daemon that: - emulates the ceased "autorouter" of Linux Kernel AX.25 - sets up ARP entries automagically - may adjust IP routes and encapsulation...