Package autogen-libopts-devel

Development files for libopts

This package contains development files for libopts.

General Commands
Command Description
autoopts-config script to get information about installed version of autoopts
Library Functions
Library Function Description
ao_string_tokenize tokenize an input string
configFileLoad parse a configuration file
optionFileLoad Load the locatable config files, in order
optionFindNextValue find a hierarcicaly valued option instance
optionFindValue find a hierarcicaly valued option instance
optionFree free allocated option processing memory
optionGetValue get a specific value from a hierarcical list
optionLoadLine process a string for an option name and value
optionMemberList Get the list of members of a bit mask set
optionNextValue get the next value from a hierarchical list
optionOnlyUsage Print usage text for just the options
optionPrintVersion Print the program version
optionPrintVersionAndReturn Print the program version
optionProcess this is the main option processing routine
optionRestore restore option state from memory copy
optionSaveFile saves the option state to a file
optionSaveState saves the option state to memory
optionUnloadNested Deallocate the memory for a nested value
optionVersion return the compiled AutoOpts version number
strequate map a list of characters to the same value
streqvcmp compare two strings with an equivalence mapping
streqvmap Set the character mappings for the streqv functions
strneqvcmp compare two strings with an equivalence mapping
strtransform convert a string into its mapped-to value