Package auto-destdir

Automate DESTDIR support for "make install"

Auto-DESTDIR is a set of programs for POSIX/Unix/Linux systems that helps
automate program installation from source code.  It can be useful for
creating native packages (e.g., RPM or deb), or for installing programs
from source code to be managed by tools like GNU stow.

The Auto-DESTDIR tools (run-redir and make-redir) redirect file installations
so that the installed files are placed inside the the $DESTDIR directory,
even if the provided makefile doesn't support the DESTDIR convention.
In most cases you can simply replace "make install" with
"make-redir DESTDIR=... install".
General Commands (Section 1)
The make-redir program runs "make" in a way that redirects file installations to descend from the $DESTDIR directory, even if the provided makefile doesn't...
This program is intended to make it possible to run install scripts that do not support the DESTDIR convention, and yet have their resulting files redirected...