Package audiofile-devel

Development files for Audio File applications

The audiofile-devel package contains libraries, include files, and
other resources you can use to develop Audio File applications.

Version: 0.3.6

See also: audiofile.

Library Functions

afCloseFile close an open audio file
afGetDataOffset alias for afGetFrameCount
afGetFrameCount get the total sample frame count, length of audio track in bytes, offset of the audio track for a track in an audio file
afGetFrameSize calculate the frame size in bytes for an audio track
afGetTrackBytes alias for afGetFrameCount
afInitAESChannelData alias for afInitAESChannelDataTo
afInitAESChannelDataTo initialize AES non-audio data in an audio file setup
afInitByteOrder alias for afInitSampleFormat
afInitChannels alias for afInitSampleFormat
afInitCompression initialize compression for a track in an audio file setup
afInitFileFormat initialize file format of an audio file setup
afInitRate alias for afInitSampleFormat
afInitSampleFormat initialize audio data format for a track in an audio file setup
afNewFileSetup create and initialize a new AFfilesetup structure
afOpenFile open an audio file and create a file handle structure used for subsequent calls to the Audio File Library
afQuery query the capabilities of the Audio File Library
afQueryDouble alias for afQuery
afQueryLong alias for afQuery
afQueryPointer alias for afQuery
afReadFrames read sample frames from a track in an audio file
afReadMisc access miscellaneous metadata in an audio file
afSeekFrame update or access the current sample frame position for a track in an audio file
afSeekMisc alias for afReadMisc
afSetErrorHandler install a custom error handling routine
afSetVirtualByteOrder set the virtual data format for a track in an audio file
afSetVirtualChannels alias for afSetVirtualByteOrder
afSetVirtualPCMMapping alias for afSetVirtualByteOrder
afSetVirtualSampleFormat alias for afSetVirtualByteOrder
afTellFrame alias for afSeekFrame
afWriteFrames write sample frames to a track in an audio file
afWriteMisc alias for afReadMisc