Package atop

An advanced interactive monitor to view the load on system and process level

An advanced interactive monitor for Linux-systems to view the load on
system-level and process-level.
The command atop has some major advantages compared to other
   - Resource consumption by all processes
   - Utilization of all relevant resources
   - Permanent logging of resource utilization
   - Highlight critical resources
   - Watch activity only
   - Watch deviations only
   - Accumulated process activity per user
   - Accumulated process activity per program
For more informations:
The package does not make use of the patches available at
General Commands (Section 1)
The program atop is an interactive monitor to view the load on a Linux system. It shows the occupation of the most critical hardware resources (from a...
The program atopsar can be used to report statistics on system level. In the first synopsis line (no sampling interval specified), atopsar extracts data from a...