Package atomic

Tool for managing ProjectAtomic systems and containers

The goal of Atomic is to provide a high level, coherent entrypoint to the
system, and fill in gaps.

atomic can make it easier to interact with container runtimes for different
kinds of containers, such as super-privileged and system containers.

The atomic host subcommand wraps rpm-ostree providing unified management.

General Commands
Command Description
atomic Atomic Management Tool
atomic-containers operations on containers
atomic-diff show the differences between two images|containers RPMs
atomic-help Get help for container images
atomic-host Manage Atomic Host Commands
atomic-images operations on container images
atomic-install Execute Image Install Method
atomic-mount Mount Images/Containers to Filesystem
atomic-pull fetch an image locally
atomic-push push Image to repository
atomic-run Execute container image run method
atomic-scan Scan for CVEs in a container or image
atomic-sign atomic-sign- Create a signature for an image
atomic-stop Execute container image stop method
atomic-storage Manage container storage.
atomic-top Run a top-like list of active container processes
atomic-trust Manage system container trust policy
atomic-uninstall Remove/Uninstall container/container image from system
atomic-unmount Unmount Images/Containers
atomic-upload alias for atomic-push