Package atlascpp-devel

Development files for Atlas-C++

Libraries and header files for developing applications that use Atlas-C++

Library Functions
Library Function Description
Atlas The Atlas namespace.
Atlas_Bridge Atlas stream bridge.
Atlas_Codec Atlas stream codec.
Atlas_Codecs_Bach Atlas::Codecs::Bach
Atlas_Codecs_Packed Atlas::Codecs::Packed
Atlas_Codecs_XML Atlas::Codecs::XML
Atlas_EncoderBase Base class forwarding to Atlas::Bridge as skeleton for other encoders.
Atlas_Exception Base class for all exceptions thrown by Atlas-C++.
Atlas_Filter Atlas stream filter.
Atlas_Filters_Bzip2 Atlas::Filters::Bzip2
Atlas_Filters_Gzip Atlas::Filters::Gzip
Atlas_Formatter Atlas stream formatter.
Atlas_Funky_BeginList Token class representing the beginning of a list.
Atlas_Funky_BeginMap Token class representing the beginning of a map.
Atlas_Funky_BeginMessage Token class representing the beginning of a message.
Atlas_Funky_EncList Encoder in List state.
Atlas_Funky_EncMap Encoder in Map state.
Atlas_Funky_EncMapValue Encoder in map value state.
Atlas_Funky_EndList Token class representing the end of a list.
Atlas_Funky_EndMap Token class representing the end of a map.
Atlas_Funky_EndMessage Token class representing the end of a message.
Atlas_Funky_FunkyEncoder The root encoder in 'stream' state.
Atlas_Funky_Tokens Tokens representing beginnings and ends of maps/lists.
Atlas_Message_DecoderBase Base class for decoders that take Atlas::Message::Object.
Atlas_Message_Element Multi-type container.
Atlas_Message_Element_DataType Atlas::Message::Element::DataType< C >
Atlas_Message_Encoder Encoder that transmits Atlas::Message::Element.
Atlas_Message_QueuedDecoder Decoder that presents a queue of Atlas::Message::Element.
Atlas_Message_WrongTypeException An exception class issued when the wrong type is requested in as().
Atlas_Negotiate Negotiation of codecs and filters for an Atlas connection.
Atlas_Net The Atlas network communication namespace.
Atlas_Net_NegotiateHelper Negotiation of codecs and filters for an Atlas connection.
Atlas_Net_StreamAccept Negotiation of servers accepting a connection from a remote system.
Atlas_Net_StreamConnect Negotiation of clients building a connection to a remote system.
Atlas_Objects The Atlas high level Objects namespace.
Atlas_Objects_BaseObjectData Atlas base object class.
Atlas_Objects_BaseObjectData_const_iterator Atlas::Objects::BaseObjectData::const_iterator
Atlas_Objects_BaseObjectData_const_iterator_PsuedoElement Atlas::Objects::BaseObjectData::const_iterator::PsuedoElement
Atlas_Objects_BaseObjectData_iterator The iterator first iterates over the contents of m_obj->m_attributes, holding an...
Atlas_Objects_BaseObjectData_iterator_PsuedoElement Atlas::Objects::BaseObjectData::iterator::PsuedoElement
Atlas_Objects_DefaultLoadingException Atlas::Objects::DefaultLoadingException
Atlas_Objects_Dispatcher Objects hierarchy dispatcher.
Atlas_Objects_Entity_AccountData Base class for accounts.
Atlas_Objects_Entity_AdminData Privileged accounts.
Atlas_Objects_Entity_AdminEntityData All classes and objects used for adminitrativive purposes.
Atlas_Objects_Entity_AnonymousData Starting point for entity hierarchy.
Atlas_Objects_Entity_GameData Games this server hosts.
Atlas_Objects_Entity_GameEntityData All In Game classes and objects.
Atlas_Objects_Entity_PlayerData Player accounts.
Atlas_Objects_Entity_RootEntityData Starting point for entity hierarchy.
Atlas_Objects_Factories Atlas::Objects::Factories
Atlas_Objects_NoSuchAttrException An exception indicating the requested attribute does not exist.
Atlas_Objects_NoSuchFactoryException Atlas::Objects::NoSuchFactoryException
Atlas_Objects_NullSmartPtrDereference Atlas::Objects::NullSmartPtrDereference
Atlas_Objects_ObjectsDecoder Objects hierarchy decoder.
Atlas_Objects_ObjectsEncoder Objects hierarchy encoder.
Atlas_Objects_Operation_ActionData This is base operator for operations that might have effects.
Atlas_Objects_Operation_AffectData Sets attributes for existing entity.
Atlas_Objects_Operation_AppearanceData Character sees something appearing: it literally appears or has it come in...
Atlas_Objects_Operation_CombineData Combine existing objects into new objects.
Atlas_Objects_Operation_CommunicateData Base operator for all kind of communication.
Atlas_Objects_Operation_CreateData Create new things from nothing using this operator.
Atlas_Objects_Operation_DeleteData Delete something.
Atlas_Objects_Operation_DisappearanceData Character sees something disappearing: it literally disappears or has it gone...
Atlas_Objects_Operation_DivideData Divide existing object into pieces.
Atlas_Objects_Operation_ErrorData Something went wrong.
Atlas_Objects_Operation_FeelData Character feels something (with fingers usually).
Atlas_Objects_Operation_GenericData Base operation for all operators.
Atlas_Objects_Operation_GetData Generic operation for getting info about things.
Atlas_Objects_Operation_ImaginaryData When something is not yet implemented in server, then character can pretend to...
Atlas_Objects_Operation_InfoData This is base operator for operations that tell you info about objects or events.
Atlas_Objects_Operation_ListenData Listen (something).
Atlas_Objects_Operation_LoginData Operation for logging into server.
Atlas_Objects_Operation_LogoutData Operation for logging out.
Atlas_Objects_Operation_LookData Looking at something.
Atlas_Objects_Operation_MoveData Change position.
Atlas_Objects_Operation_PerceiveData Generic base operation for perceiving things by eyes, ears, etc....
Atlas_Objects_Operation_PerceptionData Character perceives something.
Atlas_Objects_Operation_RootOperationData Base operation for all operators.
Atlas_Objects_Operation_SetData Sets attributes for existing entity.
Atlas_Objects_Operation_SightData Character sees something.
Atlas_Objects_Operation_SmellData Character smells something.
Atlas_Objects_Operation_SniffData Sniff something.
Atlas_Objects_Operation_SoundData Character hears something.
Atlas_Objects_Operation_TalkData used for talking.
Atlas_Objects_Operation_TouchData Touch something.
Atlas_Objects_Operation_UseData Use a currently wielded tool.
Atlas_Objects_Operation_WieldData Attach a tool to the character entity at a pre-defined location so that the...
Atlas_Objects_RootData All objects inherit from this.
Atlas_Objects_SmartPtr Atlas::Objects::SmartPtr< T >
Atlas_PresentationBridge A bridge which is meant to be used solely for presenting Element data.
Atlas_Task Atlas::Task
Atlas_filterbuf Atlas::filterbuf