Package astrometry

Blind astrometric calibration of arbitrary astronomical images

The astrometry engine will take any image and return the astrometry
world coordinate system (WCS), a standards-based description of the
transformation between image coordinates and sky coordinates.

Other tools included in the astrometry package can do much more, like
plotting astronomic information over solved images, convertion utilities
or generate statistics from FITS images.

Version: 0.94

General Commands

an-fitstopnm Convert FITS images into ugly PNM images.
an-pnmtofits Convert PNM file to FITS.
astrometry-engine Identify where a list of stars is on the sky
build-astrometry-index Create index files
coadd Co-add images for
downsample-fits Scale down a FITS image
fit-wcs Fit a transformation from x,y and matching RA,DEC coordinates
fits-flip-endian Endian swapping of FITS binary tables.
fits-guess-scale Try to guess the scale of an image based on FITS headers.
fitsgetext Pull out individual header or data blocks from multi-HDU FITS files.
get-healpix Convert RA,DEC to Which healpix
get-wcs Try to interpret an existing WCS header.
hpsplit Split a list of FITS tables into healpix tiles
image2xy Source extractor.
new-wcs Merge a WCS solution with existing FITS header cards
pad-file Pad a FITS file out to the correct size
plot-constellations Annotates images with constellations etc.
plotquad Draws polygons over images.
plotxy plots circles, crosses, etc over images.
query-starkd Search index files for stars near a given point on the sky
solve-field Main high-level command-line user interface.
subtable Pull out a set of columns from a many-column FITS binary table.
tabsort Sort a FITS binary table based on values in one column.
wcs-grab Try to interpret an existing WCS header.
wcs-match Prints x and y coordinates of invariant point
wcs-pv2sip Convert TPV WCS headers to SIP distortion headers
wcs-rd2xy Convert lists of pixel from (RA,Dec) to (x,y) positions.
wcs-resample Project one FITS image onto another image.
wcs-to-tan Undocumented program of
wcs-xy2rd Convert lists of pixel from (x,y) to (RA,Dec) positions.
wcsinfo print simple properties of WCS headers (scale, rotation, etc)