Package arora

A cross platform web browser

Arora is a simple, cross platform web browser based on the QtWebKit engine.
Currently, Arora is still under development, but it already has support for
browsing and other common features such as web history and bookmarks.

General Commands (Section 1)
Arora is a lightweight, cross-platform web browser using the Qt 4.4 port of the WebKit layout engine. It is based on the demo browser application shipped with...
Arora-cacheinfo is a tool for extracting files and displaying metadata out of an Arora cache files that are stored on the disk. Every cache file contains both...
htmlToXBel is a tool for importing browser history from Firefox 3 and up.
htmlToXBel is a tool to convert bookmarks stored in the html format into the xbel format. Many browser have the ability to export their bookmarks as a html...