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Package apt

Command-line package manager for Debian packages


This package provides commandline tools for searching and
managing as well as querying information about packages
as a low-level access to all features of the libapt-pkg library.

These include:
  * apt-get for retrieval of packages and information about them
    from authenticated sources and for installation, upgrade and
    removal of packages together with their dependencies
  * apt-cache for querying available information about installed
    as well as installable packages
  * apt-cdrom to use removable media as a source for packages
  * apt-config as an interface to the configuration settings
  * apt-key as an interface to manage authentication keys

Version: 2.9.2

See also: apt-cacher-ng, apt-utils.

General Commands

apt-transport-http APT transport for downloading via the Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP)
apt-transport-https APT transport for downloading via the HTTP Secure protocol (HTTPS)
apt-transport-mirror APT transport for more automated mirror selection

File Formats

apt.conf Configuration file for APT
apt_auth.conf Login configuration file for APT sources and proxies
apt_preferences Preference control file for APT
sources.list List of configured APT data sources


apt-patterns Syntax and semantics of apt search patterns

System Administration

apt command-line interface
apt-cache query the APT cache
apt-cdrom APT CD-ROM management utility
apt-config APT Configuration Query program
apt-get APT package handling utility -- command-line interface
apt-key Deprecated APT key management utility
apt-mark show, set and unset various settings for a package
apt-secure Archive authentication support for APT