Package aprsdigi

AX.25 Automatic Position Reporting System

Aprsdigi is a specialized Amateur Packet Radio (AX.25) UI-frame digipeater for
the Automatic Position Reporting Systems, APRS(tm). It uses the Linux kernel
AX.25 network stack as well as the SOCK_PACKET facility to listen for packets
on one or more radio interfaces (ports) and repeat those packets -- with
several possible modifications -- on the same or other interfaces. Aprsdigi can
also use the Internet to tunnel connections among other APRS digipeaters and
nodes using IPv4 or IPv6 UDP unicast or multicast.

System Administration
Command Description
aprsdigi APRS(™) digipeater
aprsmon monitor APRS AX.25 traffic for javAPRS
fiforead test program for aprsdigi.
fifowrite test program for aprsdigi.