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Package apptainer

Application and environment virtualization formerly known as Singularity


Apptainer provides functionality to make portable
containers that can be used across host environments.

Version: 1.3.3

General Commands

apptainer Linux container platform optimized for High Performance Computing (HPC) and Enterprise Performance Computing (EPC)
apptainer-build Build an Apptainer image
apptainer-cache Manage the local cache
apptainer-cache-clean Clean your local Apptainer cache
apptainer-cache-list List your local Apptainer cache
apptainer-capability Manage Linux capabilities for users and groups
apptainer-capability-add Add capabilities to a user or group (requires root)
apptainer-capability-avail Show description for available capabilities
apptainer-capability-drop Remove capabilities from a user or group (requires root)
apptainer-capability-list Show capabilities for a given user or group
apptainer-checkpoint Manage container checkpoint state (experimental)
apptainer-checkpoint-create Create empty checkpoint storage (experimental)
apptainer-checkpoint-delete Delete a checkpoint (experimental)
apptainer-checkpoint-instance Checkpoint the state of a running instance (experimental)
apptainer-checkpoint-list List local checkpoints (experimental)
apptainer-config Manage various apptainer configuration (root user only)
apptainer-config-fakeroot Manage fakeroot user mappings entries (root user only)
apptainer-config-global Edit apptainer.conf from command line (root user only or unprivileged installation)
apptainer-delete Deletes requested image from the library
apptainer-exec Run a command within a container
apptainer-inspect Show metadata for an image
apptainer-instance Manage containers running as services
apptainer-instance-list List all running and named Apptainer instances
apptainer-instance-run Run a named instance of the given container image
apptainer-instance-start Start a named instance of the given container image
apptainer-instance-stats Get stats for a named instance
apptainer-instance-stop Stop a named instance of a given container image
apptainer-key Manage OpenPGP keys
apptainer-key-export Export a public or private key into a specific file
apptainer-key-import Import a local key into the local or global keyring
apptainer-key-list List keys in your local or in the global keyring
apptainer-key-newpair Create a new key pair
apptainer-key-pull Download a public key from a key server
apptainer-key-push Upload a public key to a key server
apptainer-key-remove Remove a local public key from your local or the global keyring
apptainer-key-search Search for keys on a key server
apptainer-keyserver Manage apptainer keyservers
apptainer-keyserver-add Add a keyserver (root user only)
apptainer-keyserver-list List all keyservers that are configured
apptainer-keyserver-login Login to a keyserver
apptainer-keyserver-logout Logout from a keyserver
apptainer-keyserver-remove Remove a keyserver (root user only)
apptainer-oci Manage OCI containers
apptainer-oci-attach Attach console to a running container process (root user only)
apptainer-oci-create Create a container from a bundle directory (root user only)
apptainer-oci-delete Delete container (root user only)
apptainer-oci-exec Execute a command within container (root user only)
apptainer-oci-kill Kill a container (root user only)
apptainer-oci-mount Mount create an OCI bundle from SIF image (root user only)
apptainer-oci-pause Suspends all processes inside the container (root user only)
apptainer-oci-resume Resumes all processes previously paused inside the container (root user only)
apptainer-oci-run Create/start/attach/delete a container from a bundle directory (root user only)
apptainer-oci-start Start container process (root user only)
apptainer-oci-state Query state of a container (root user only)
apptainer-oci-umount Umount delete bundle (root user only)
apptainer-oci-update Update container cgroups resources (root user only)
apptainer-overlay Manage an EXT3 writable overlay image
apptainer-overlay-create Create EXT3 writable overlay image
apptainer-plugin Manage Apptainer plugins
apptainer-plugin-compile Compile an Apptainer plugin
apptainer-plugin-create Create a plugin skeleton directory
apptainer-plugin-disable disable an installed Apptainer plugin
apptainer-plugin-enable Enable an installed Apptainer plugin
apptainer-plugin-inspect Inspect an Apptainer plugin (either an installed one or an image)
apptainer-plugin-install Install a compiled Apptainer plugin
apptainer-plugin-list List installed Apptainer plugins
apptainer-plugin-uninstall Uninstall removes the named plugin from the system
apptainer-pull Pull an image from a URI
apptainer-push Upload image to the provided URI
apptainer-registry Manage authentication to OCI/Docker registries
apptainer-registry-list List all OCI credentials that are configured
apptainer-registry-login Login to an OCI/Docker registry
apptainer-registry-logout Logout from an OCI/Docker registry
apptainer-remote Manage apptainer remote endpoints
apptainer-remote-add Add a new apptainer remote endpoint
apptainer-remote-get-login-password Retrieves the cli secret for the current logged in user
apptainer-remote-list List all apptainer remote endpoints that are configured
apptainer-remote-login Login to an apptainer remote endpoint
apptainer-remote-logout Log out from an apptainer remote endpoint
apptainer-remote-remove Remove an existing apptainer remote endpoint
apptainer-remote-status Check the status of the apptainer services at an endpoint, and your authentication token
apptainer-remote-use Set an Apptainer remote endpoint to be actively used
apptainer-run Run the user-defined default command within a container
apptainer-run-help Show the user-defined help for an image
apptainer-search Search a Container Library for images
apptainer-shell Run a shell within a container
apptainer-sif Manipulate Singularity Image Format (SIF) images
apptainer-sif-add Add data object
apptainer-sif-del Delete data object
apptainer-sif-dump Dump data object
apptainer-sif-header Display global header
apptainer-sif-info Display data object info
apptainer-sif-list List data objects
apptainer-sif-new Create SIF image
apptainer-sif-setprim Set primary system partition
apptainer-sign Add digital signature(s) to an image
apptainer-test Run the user-defined tests within a container
apptainer-verify Verify digital signature(s) within an image
apptainer-version Show the version for Apptainer