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Package apk-tools

Alpine Package Keeper (apk) is a package manager developed for Alpine Linux


Version: 2.12.7

File Formats

apk-cache local cache of package files
apk-keys cryptographic keys trusted by apk
apk-repositories list of package repositories
apk-world list of explicitly installed packages

System Administration

apk Alpine Package Keeper
apk-add add packages to world and commit changes
apk-audit audit directories for changes
apk-cache manage a local cache of package files
apk-del remove packages from world and commit changes
apk-dot generate graphviz graphs
apk-fetch download packages from global repositories to a local directory
apk-fix repair packages or system
apk-index create repository index file from packages
apk-info print detailed information about packages
apk-list list packages matching a pattern or other criteria
apk-manifest Show checksums of package contents
apk-policy show repository policy for packages
apk-search search for packages by name or description
apk-stats show statistics about repositories and installations
apk-update update repository indexes
apk-upgrade upgrade installed packages
apk-verify verify package integrity and signature
apk-version compare package versions