Package amule-nogui

Components of aMule which don't require a GUI (for servers)

This package contains the aMule components which don't require a GUI.
It is useful for servers which don't have Xorg.

General Commands (Section 1)
Compute the eD2k links of all the input files given in the <inputfiles_list> (There can be one or more files).
amulecmd is a console-based client to control aMule.
daemonized version
amuleweb manages your access to amule through a web browser. You can start amuleweb together with amule(1), or separately, any time later. Options can be...
Sends the given <eD2k-link> to aMule, i.e. writes it to the file ~/.aMule/ED2KLinks, which will be checked by aMule every second for links.