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Package amanda-server

The server side of the AMANDA tape backup system


The amanda-server package should be installed on the AMANDA server,
the machine attached to the device(s) (such as a tape drive) where backups
will be written. You will also need to install the amanda package on
the AMANDA server machine. And, if the server is also to be backed up, the
server also needs to have the amanda-client package installed.

Version: 3.5.4

See also: amanda, amanda-client.

General Commands

activate-devpay create the token and certificate files for Amazon S3

File Formats

amanda-command-file Keep status of outgoing dle commands
disklist List of partitions to back up for Amanda
tapelist The list of Amanda volumes in use


amanda-changers Configuring and Using Amanda Changers
amanda-devices Configuring and Using Amanda Devices
amanda-interactivity Configuring Interactivity with Amanda Amanda
amanda-taperscan Amanda Taperscan Algorithms

System Administration

amaddclient program to add client to an existing Amanda configuration
amadmin administrative interface to control Amanda backups
amanda-rest-server Start or stop the Amanda Rest Server
amcheck run Amanda self-checks
amcheckdb check Amanda database for tape consistency
amcheckdump check the results of an Amanda dump
amcleanup run the Amanda cleanup process after a failure
amdevcheck Validate an Amanda device and volume.
amdump back up all disks in an Amanda configuration
amfetchdump extract backup images from multiple Amanda tapes.
amflush flush Amanda backup files from holding disk to tape
amlabel label an Amanda tape
amoverview display file systems processed by Amanda over time
amreindex re-index tapes or specific dump
amreport generate a formatted output of statistics for an Amanda run
amrestore low-level data-extraction from Amanda volumes
amrmtape remove a tape from the Amanda database
amserverconfig program to setup initial Amanda configuration
amservice run an amanda service on a client
amstatus display the state of an Amanda run
amtape Control Amanda changers
amtapetype generate a tapetype definition by testing the device directly
amtoc generate TOC (Table Of Contents) for an Amanda run
amvault Copy Amanda dumps from one volume to another