Package am-utils

Automount utilities including an updated version of Amd

Am-utils includes an updated version of Amd, the popular BSD
automounter. An automounter is a program which maintains a cache
of mounted filesystems. Filesystems are mounted when they are
first referenced by the user and unmounted after a certain period of
inactivity. Amd supports a variety of filesystems, including NFS, UFS,
CD-ROMS and local drives.

You should install am-utils if you need a program for automatically
mounting and unmounting filesystems.

General Commands
Command Description
pawd print automounter working directory
File Formats
File Description
amd.conf Amd configuration file
System Administration
Command Description
amd automatically mount file systems
amq automounter query tool
automount2amd converts old Sun automount maps to Amd maps
fixmount fix remote mount entries
fsinfo coordinate site-wide filesystem information
hlfsd home-link file system daemon
mk-amd-map create database maps for Amd
sun2amd converts Sun automount maps to Amd maps
wire-test test your network interfaces and local IP address