Package alevt

Teletext decoder/browser

AleVT is a teletext/videotext decoder and browser for the
vbi (/dev/vbi) device and X11. It features multiple windows,
a page cache, regexp searching, built-in manual, and more.
There's also a program to get the time from teletext and
one to capture teletext pages from scripts.

General Commands (Section 1)
alevt is an X11 program for browsing and searching Teletext pages received by a compatible decoder (at the moment, bttv).
alevt-cap is a simple program to capture teletext pages and write them to disk. You just give it a list of pages to fetch and it will save them. Nothing fancy...
alevt-date displays the time received from a Teletext source. It can be used to set the system time. The date is not interpreted (not even transmitted on most...