Package airinv

C++ Simulated Airline Inventory Management System library

airinv is a C++ library of airline inventory management classes and
functions, mainly targeting simulation purposes.

airinv makes an extensive use of existing open-source libraries for
increased functionality, speed and accuracy. In particular the
Boost (C++ Standard Extensions: library is used.

Install the airinv package if you need a library of basic C++ objects
for Airline Inventory Management, mainly for simulation purpose.

General Commands
Command Description
airinv Command-line interpreter for the C++ Simulated Airline Inventory Management...
AirInvClient ZeroMQ-based client binary, mainly used to test the server mode of AirInv
airinv_parseInventory Command-line utility for the C++ Simulated Airline Inventory Management System...
AirInvServer ZeroMQ-based server binary exposing the AirInv library as a service