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Package afftools

Utilities for afflib


The afflib-utils package contains utilities for using afflib.

Version: 3.7.20

General Commands

affcat Output contents of an image file to stdout.
affcompare compare the contents of an ISO file to an AFF file
affconvert convert files between RAW and AFF formats
affcopy reorder and recompress AFF files
affcrypto handle encryption issues
affdiskprint create a diskprint AFF structure
affinfo print information about an AFF file
affix fix a corrupted AFF file
affrecover recover broken pages of an AFF file
affsegment segment manipulation tool
affsign sign an existing AFF file
affstats print specific statistics about one or more AFF files
affuse provide access to AFF containers
affverify verify the digital signature on a signed file
affxml print AFF information as XML