Package aerc

Email client for your terminal

Aerc is an email client that runs in your terminal. It's highly
efficient and extensible, perfect for the discerning hacker.

Version: 0.13.0

General Commands

aerc the world's best email client
aerc-search search and filter patterns and options for aerc(1)

File Formats

aerc-config configuration file formats for aerc(1)
aerc-imap IMAP configuration for aerc(1)
aerc-maildir maildir configuration for aerc(1)
aerc-notmuch notmuch configuration for aerc(1)
aerc-sendmail sendmail configuration for aerc(1)
aerc-smtp SMTP configuration for aerc(1)


aerc-stylesets styleset file specification for aerc(1)
aerc-templates template file specification for aerc(1)
aerc-tutorial the world's best email client