Package advancecomp

Recompression utilities for png, mng, zip and gz files

AdvanceCOMP is a set of recompression utilities for .PNG, .MNG and .ZIP files.
The main features are :
* Recompress ZIP, PNG and MNG files using the Deflate 7-Zip implementation.
* Recompress MNG files using Delta and Move optimization.

This package contains:
* advzip - Recompression and test utility for zip files
* advpng - Recompression utility for png files
* advmng - Recompression utility for mng files
* advdef - Recompression utility for deflate streams in png, mng and gz files
General Commands
Command Description
advdef AdvanceCOMP Deflate Compression Utility
advmng AdvanceCOMP MNG Compression Utility
advpng AdvanceCOMP PNG Compression Utility
advzip AdvanceCOMP ZIP Compression Utility