Package adime-devel

Development libraries and headers for adime

The developmental files that must be installed in order to compile
applications which use adime.

Library Functions (Section 3)
If you want the dialog to be displayed on a certain video bitmap other than `screen´, set this to point to that bitmap. This is particulary useful if you for...
If you set this to something else than `NULL´, then that function will be called continuously as long as a Adime dialog is open. The argument `d´ will point to...
Flag indicating whether or not Adime dialogs should restore the screen after they have been closed. Default is `TRUE´, indicating that the screen should be...
Similar to Allegro´s `d_button_proc()´, but with 3d-ish style. It also has a slightly different behaviour: Unlike `d_button_proc()´, the D_EXIT flag has no...
Dialog proc for the result of a calculator edit box. The difference between this and Allegro´s `d_text_proc()´ is that it uses the c parameter to find the color...
Like Allegro´s `d_check_box()´, but with 3d-ish style.
Gui proc for an edit box accepting a mathematical expression whose result is a floating point number. The result is calculated and displayed on a separate gui...
Like Allegro´s `d_edit_proc()´, but with 3d-ish style. Note that the 3d border is three pixels wide, so you have to add those pixels to the size of the edit...
A three-state greyable version of `adime_d_check_box()´. Unlike `adime_d_check_proc()´, this does not use the (flags & D_SELECTED) flag to determine the state...
Displays a dialog letting the user edit several different kinds of data. `title´ specifies the caption of the dialog while `x´ and `y´ specify the top left...
Like `adime_d_double_calc_edit_proc()´, but displaying the result as an integer. If the user tries to enter a floating point value, it will be rounded.
A simple dialog object which draws a 3d-ish horizontal or vertical line (depending on whether its `w´ field is greater or less than its `h´ field).
Like Allegro´s `d_list_proc()´, but with 3d-ish style.
Like Allegro´s `d_text_proc()´, but supports newlines (´\n´) in the string.
Function for pretty-printing floating point numbers: The number gets at most 10 digits to the left of the decimal point, at most 9 to the right of it, and at...
Draws an empty button on the given position of the bitmap, using the given colors.
Draws a button with a sprite on it at the given position of the bitmap and using the given colors and sprite.
Like `adime_draw_picture_button()´, but draws the button pressed down.
Draws a button with a text on it, at the given position of the bitmap and using the given colors and font.
Like `adime_draw_text_button()´, but draws the button pressed down.
Like Allegro´s `d_text_list_proc()´, but with 3d-ish style.
Gui proc that draws a window. The `dp´ field should be the caption of the dialog, as a string. All fields except x, y, w, h are ignored. Note that this object...
Helper function for evaluating arithmetic expressions, which may be useful in your programs even though it isn´t really logically connected to the other...
Shuts down the Adime system. You don´t normally need to call this function since `adime_init()´ will arrange for it to be called automatically when your program...
Like Allegro´s `file_select_ex()´, but with Adime´s 3d look and feel. It is not affected by all `adime_window_*´ variables though, only the ones beginning with...
Like Allegro´s `textout()´, but erases the whole area of width `w´ if the text doesn´t cover it. If the text is longer than `w´ it will be clipped.
The font used in general by Adime dialogs and objects, the font for the title of the dialogs and the font for the OK and Cancel buttons. If one of them is NULL...
Initializes the Adime system. Call it before using any other Adime functions and after calling `allegro_init()´. Returns zero on success and nonzero on error.
This is the same as `adime_dialogf()´, except it doesn´t include the default `OK´ and `Cancel´ buttons. You will normally want to call this function with the...
This is the same as `adime_lowlevel_dialogf()´, but with an `adime_va_list´ instead of variable number of arguments.
The result from `adime_scancode_to_short_name()´ is sometimes an abbreviation and may contain underscores. You may want to use this function instead if you are...
Converts a keyboard scancode to a string. The string is exactly the text after `KEY_´ in the macro name for the key (so the function returns "DELETE" if you...
Given the name for a key as a string (in the format given by `adime_scancode_to_short_name()´), this function returns the scancode for the key, or -1 if the...
Unicode-aware version of `adime_double2string()´.
Like `adime_evaluate()´, but tweaked to fit Adime´s purposes better: It silently accepts an empty string without error (being equivalent to "0"), it supports...
Because of weirdnesses in the C language, some things that Adime does with va_lists would not be portable if it used a va_list directly. Instead you always have...
This is the same as `adime_dialogf()´, but with an `adime_va_list´ instead of variable number of arguments.
The version number (major.minor.patch) of your version of Adime, and the date when it was released in the form yyyymmdd.
Flag indicating whether the background window of Adime dialogs should be drawn. Default is `TRUE´, indicating it should be drawn.
Flag indicating whether or not Adime dialogs should call Allegro´s function `yield_timeslice()´ continuously when it has nothing better to do. Default is...